Solar Cycle 25 is Heating Up Fast and Some of Those Blows Will Begin to Land Soon

August 6, 2021

The latest sign may be found in sunspot counts from July 2021. Continuing a trend that started last year, they overperform the official forecast.

Issued by the NOAA/NASA Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel in 2019, the official forecast calls for Solar Cycle 25 to peak in July 2025.

However, a better fit to current data shows Solar Cycle 25 peaking in October 2024. This is just outside the 8-month error bars of the Panel’s forecast.

July 2021 was a remarkable month

Solar Cycle 25 crossed multiple thresholds, including its first X-flare and, at one point, 6 sunspots on the solar disk. At least 2 radio blackouts were reported around the world

The last time so many sunspots were seen at the same time was Sept. 2017.

One farside CME in July was so strong it affected Earth despite being on the “wrong” side of the sun. A handful of other CMEs narrowly missed our planet.

If solar activity increases apace, some of those blows will soon begin to land.

Meanwhile… 3 holes in the sun’s atmosphere

Two and possibly three holes in the sun’s atmosphere are facing Earth today.

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