Some Kind of Magic

May 20, 2018

I went into the Morph yesterday, it’s been a while since I have done that consciously. Some times we go in our sleep and maybe someone would write you: “I met you in the Morph” and you’re not necessarily consciously aware. Don’t worry about that if you’re trying to get into it — it’s a minor technicality.

Some souls smell like cinnamon in the Morph and in this physical world. The sweet souls.

Others, maybe the ones we don’t want to mess with, smell of methane, and others again smell like sulfur. Avoid.

There seems to have been a ‘re-booting’ of the souls and important to me: The nervous systems of very sensitive people.
Re-booting requires a point of Zero in the most fragile of moments where the internal system is about to flat-line before it comes up again.

In that pristine moment of nothing, there are no attachments and that can be a bit confusing. If we get too confused, we will fill that moment of Zero with: Spiritual discipline, what we should do, could do and even more agonizing: What we can’t do, and a ‘falling into the void’ — feel.

Since nobody seems comfortable, with just letting the time pass without filling it up with ‘stuff,’ we go a bit astray maybe. Some watch 48 episodes of Breaking Bad with a constant internal dialogue that they really shouldn’t. Well, if you translate the point of Zero into a video and popcorn aspect, do it without judging yourself. You are at a point where: The world can wait and while you’re watching, your subconsciousness does the work.

At a point of Zero its better not to save the world. Because we need that moment in time to focus on ourselves and not others. Maybe don’t allow yourself to get spiritually wasted and worn out on the note of an ideal that you’re too tired to live up to anyway.

Being in the re-boot, you don’t want to push it. We can’t genuinely embed what we don’t understand. We can learn it yes, but what we don’t understand we can’t embed. Only when the re-boot is done and our systems are running again, we can look at the profound impact of that re-boot.

Don’t fight the Void being in the Void. Befriend it.

If we understand this some kind of magic pushes us through.

This time, I believe it targeted a lot of very collected and spiritually healthy people so it was highly unexpected on your journey maybe.

Make a friend not a foe out of the unexpected. That seems to be the learning here to soon be put into good use.

Forget mind-tricks like: “How to create abundance in 5 easy steps”

Under The Tuscan Sun, is a very good up-beat movie, with some messages of synchronicity.

Our Tuscan adventurer, played by Diane Lane, says to her real estate agent, they become good friends, since he is also a shaman in the way that he releases and listens to his clients:

“I want this house I’m buying here (it’s very modest) to be filled with family, I want a wedding in this house, I want babies in this house and I want to cook for my family in this house.”

That’s her dream. About at the ending of the movie, she has no boy friend, no baby, and no family: BUT the way she imagined it. For her Ego.

She has for her SELF.

As he says to her:
“It seems like you got what you wished for.”
She says: “What do you mean?”

He points to the Polish workers who are doing the maintenance of the house for whom she cooks.
He points to her best friend who flew in from New York and having her baby there.
He points to the plantation owner’s daughter, who is celebrating her wedding at the house.

And a moment of clarity, a moment of understanding synchronicity and a moment of expanded consciousness lightens her face. At that precise moment in time and space a stranger comes to the house looking for her.

Make a friend not a foe out of the unexpected.

© 2018 Soren Dreier


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