Soren Dreier: Reading Reviews

by Soren Dreier


It´s Like Breathing Fresh Air

I Felt Reassured For the First Time

How could he have known

He read me like an open book

Recommended by: Stuart Wilde

Dear Soren,

Thank you so much for my reading.  I’ve listened to it several times and, I have to say, I’m blown away by it.  I wasn’t expecting this.  Most energy work I’ve experienced has always been subtle so I wasn’t expecting any major breakthroughs.  But wow!  You’ve just given me the biggest breakthrough of my life.

I found the whole reading very helpful and you were spot on with my life to date.  But the biggest breakthrough is to do with one of my past lives.  I don’t know if you remember it?  You said I was being expelled from a village in France.  Armed guards where standing behind me and the villagers wanted me to go and said they don’t like me.  You said that this past life would be impacting this one.  Your said if you have an issue with – are they gonna throw me out, disconnect me, are they gonna isolate me socially.  You can actually have a lot of fear in that situation and if this is so it comes from this.”

When I listened to this I thought my heart had stopped.  This past life has impacted this one to such a degree that I haven’t really been able to live it.  I’ve been to psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, you name it, to try and sort out my ‘weird‘ phobia – my fear of people and going places.  I say ‘weird‘  phobia because they can understand the “I think people don’t like me” bit, because they’ve heard that one before, (although I can’t explain why I think it), but when they ask me why I am afraid to enter places where people socialize or gather, for example, restaurant, pub, hotel, gym, coffee shop, I tell them it’s  “because I feel like I’m not allowed to be there –  that they don’t want me there.

The fear got so bad that I developed severe panic attacks, which I never completely recovered from.  This phobia has affected every area of my life even my spiritual path has been hinder by it.  I skirt around the edges watching and learning from a distance, too afraid to attend in person because I feel intense panic and feel that I’m not allowed to be there and that the people there won’t like me or accept me, even though I know this isn’t true.

Forgive me for sending such a long e-mail, I know your time is precious but this was so important to me.  I wanted you to understand how deeply you’ve helped me.  You’re a very special person.  You have a very special gift.

Warm regards,

K – Holland


Good day Soren,

wOw! I am speechless by your reading. I laughed, I cried and I contemplated. How do you do that?…….

Everything you said was so spot-on in terms of the person I truly am. Why did I not think of that or see that before? Thank you for helping me acknowledge what has been always just under my nose! I should have done that long time ago!!! Better late than never :)

The ACTION part… I have always known, I just did not see the STAGE, if you like. It is now crystal clear, scary, but very clear.

I also like your style of presentation….it was like you we’re right there, I even talked back sometimes haha.


M – France


Dearest Soren

I cannot thank you enough for this reading. In fact the word “reading” doesn’t quite
cut it, does it?

It is so much more. It´s an in depth analyses of where I am totally right on. I laughed, I cried, I was moved at such a profound level, it was like having your gentle soul reaching out and knowing me, my troubles, my spirit and my deepest aspirations.
Need I say: You are the best reader out there!!! And I have been to some.

Something very beautiful happened when you tuned in on my health. I did not mention my health to you and yet you pointed my issues perfectly out. When doing that my living room transformed (morphed as you probably would say ) and beautiful purple, blue and golden colors filled up the room. Even my two dogs settled in that precise moment.

Your voice went deeper and I could feel the stuck up clustering energy in my body releasing and letting go. Here a week after all pain is gone. I never met one who could actually heal mind, body and spirit by this beautiful insight into the core of my being and the vibrance of a smooth beautiful voice and you don’t even mention the healing, you just do it.

I´m so forever grateful for receiving this gift of caring, insight and healing. I`m touched at a very profound level, empowered, clear, pain free and ready to roll.

Thank you dearest Soren.

Love you right back.

H – Germany


Dear Soren,

Thank you kindly for spending so much quality time doing my Morph-Palm Reading :)

It has taken me so long to send this thank you, because I was a bit blown away by the great many details that you intuitively uncovered. Brilliant stuff! I could write out a check-list of all the points that make perfect sense to me from your Reading… I’m sure you are busy… but suffice to say… you have read the Consciousness Field that I am currently interpenetrated with… exceptionally well. Such a bountiful treasure of potential forms to contemplate :)

Love D – AU.


Dear Soren

I have listened three times to your reading and each time I have gained more guidance. If I were to describe to you the many accuracies and the ways in which your reading energized and inspired me, it would take up too much of your time, and I believe it isn’t necessary anyway. The reading was pure throughout and I accept it all with the deepest gratitude. I feel such love and appreciation for you, as you have truly helped me. The benefit is almost indescribable, and I believe, as I listened this morning, you heard my thoughts and you know what great gifts you have given me.

I – U.S.A

Your reading was amazingly accurate as to my authentic self, my nature, passions, interests… If no one has told you how awesome you are today, let me be the first to say: You’re a bloody living legend!!!  A – Australia


Hi Soren,

thank you so much for your beautiful reading !
It is truely helpful and is what I needed to get a breakthrough and set the kind of determination in motion which I was struggeling for.
Your ability to tune in and to put things straight is amazing and very healing. And your loving way to tell me what you saw touched me very deeply.
This reading is a treasure which will develop its benefits even more over time.

Much love

Hi Soren,

I wanted to really thank you for the reading, I am very flattered by your comments, I hope I realise the potential you see in me. It was amazingly accurate about my current situation and the choices I am facing at this moment in time. It was very inspiring, it gave me hope and it reaffirmed that the choices I have been making in life are towards the right direction.

I have been really busy lately so I don’t have time now to write to you the things I want to tell you and ask you, as I do have a few questions. I just didn’t raise them before as I didn’t want to effect the reading in any way.

I will right to you again soon, until then I wish you all the best in your path in this life. Thank you again.

Kind regards
T – Greece

Hi Soren

Thank you so much for the reading.  Wow wow, wow it was so accurate, I cried.

I will listen to it again tomorrow, so I can implement the suggestion/s you made.

Thank you so much.  You have given me hope!

Regards R- Australia


“Dear Soren, What a gifted man you are. Thank-you so much for your wonderful reading. I wasn’t expecting it to be so beautifully delivered and so perfectly crafted.

It’s as if you produced a solid well-defined object with your words whose presence in my life can no longer be disputed or ignored.

I understand the workings of the matrix now on a much more personal level and how to dismantle its influence and hold on me.

Your recent posts have also made everything so much clearer – I had no idea I was in need of this or it was even possible.” From R- Canada


“Thank you I got it, beautiful reading, just beautiful! You are more accurate than any reading I have ever had and as you know I am 65 so thats lots of readings :) You have a beautiful heart! Really brings joy with just your voice also. :)” From V. USA

“I have just finished listening to your reading and I am over the moon thrilled with what you have intuited for me.  You validated many things in my life; past, present and future and what you revealed resonates very powerfully and deeply within my heart and soul.  I enjoyed your jesting with me and your points were well taken – I have already begun to lighten up (smile!).  Thank you for bringing your gifts to the world Soren, you heal so many with your thoughts be they written, spoken or projected, and I am deeply grateful for having met with you on such a profound level.” From T. Canada


Dear Soren,

Your reading ability is extraordinarily accurate and beautifully spoken…it was like getting a talking to from an old trusted friend. One that knows me better than I know myself. I have wrote it all down on paper, and have made several copies for safe keeping. You know this is really kind of one of those ‘little miracles’…I am so grateful.

With deepest respect and gratitude,



Dear Soren,

Thank you so much for my reading.  I am extremely pleased with it and
finding it very informative and illuminating.  The section on my past was
very accurate – the times you outlined were indeed turning points in my
life.  The current section of the reading is so very interesting – it will
take several listenings to fully take in all you are saying.  I am finding
the future part of the reading very interesting too and am looking forward
to seeing how things unfold.




I found the reading with Soren really spot-on and uplifting , bringing a clarity to feelings I’d vaguely had as well as uncovering other aspects I’d been unaware of. His insights were so perceptive, precise and deep, yet with a nice light touch too. Soren is a gifted reader and hearing his insights is like a profound awakening somehow.


Dear Soren,

Your reading of me was outstanding, it brought tears to my eyes and gave me hope and a sense of peace that I have not felt for a long time. You have made a huge difference in my life. Thank you Soren



Dearest Soren

You are incrediblely accurate in everything you said….. You affirmed with me, what I feel and have been feeling which filled me with a beautiful peace, happiness and confidence.

I will definitely recommend you to others.

Thanks again Soren, love and peace to you….



Hi Soren – I appreciate your reading and was touched deeply. Thank You. I’ll share a few thoughts, and validate a few things. Although, from your experience, I doubt you need to hear any validation. Your insights and intuition are quite accurate.

I also think the timing of this reading was important for me. Sometimes we need to hear these things. It’s affirmative and motivating. Thanks again.

Best R.


Dear Soren, I’ve downloaded (and backed up) your message… I found it quite moving, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your vision.  I was able to follow along, looking at my hands, and was fascinated that I could see exactly what you were talking about, though they had only looked like simple photos before!  You have an amazing gift and I am so grateful to you for sharing it.



Hello Soren,

I am very grateful to you for this reading. I found it tremendously revealing, insightful, very accurate – particularly with respect to my cultural attachments, recommendations of places, personality as well as the kind of talents i have and what i need to do to be happy and retain self-belief.

I guess the reality here is that you have laid it out for me. I now have a choice to live the life of my dreams.

I have now saved the file on my computer so it can be taken off your server. Once again, thanks so much and i look forward to continuing our discussions going forward.

Kind Regards,