Soren Dreier’s Healing Work Creates Immediate and Real Results

January 2, 2022

Soren Dreier is the real thing, his healing work creates immediate and real results.

He did a recent intervention for my partner who was laid flat by an acute and complex situation originating from an old disc injury.

Soren quickly identified the issues and turned the situation around within a few days. Since then healing has continued and the situation is resolving really fast. My partner is up and about more and more each day, and the pain is easing day by day. She has shaken the dark shadow that months of pain created. We are into week 2 of steady and incremental improvement – it is such welcome relief from what was a deeply debilitating situation.

Soren’s healing work takes place simultaneously on many levels – metaphysical, physical, emotional and mental. He will tackle the underlying beliefs, historical wounds and psychic aspects of what is going on.

Even if you have never tried distance healing before, there is real, tangible efficacy to be found with Soren. He provides close and personal support.

Many Thanks Soren.


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