South Africa Facing Worst Drought in 1 000 Years

November 2, 2019

In an interview with news agency eNCA on October 28, 2019, hydrology expert Dr. Gideon Groenewald said South Africa is now experiencing the worst drought in a thousand years. He added that the majority of small towns have already run out of water.

Groenewald said the drought was a result of a natural drying cycle, and no one was to blame.

Aside from the drying water tap, low rainfall and poor infrastructure also contributed to the worsening drought that has left thousands of locals suffering.

Five villages have reportedly been experiencing water scarcity for three months, leaving livestock dead, withered crops, and closed schools.

Residents have been devastated over the apparent lack of support from the government. On the other hand, the Western Cape province avoided the disaster proactively because the city’s government had implemented water rationing, dam rehabilitation projects, and desalination schemes two years prior.

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