Spontaneous Combustion – Explained

March 12, 2020

I posted this in 2017.
It’s been gone from the site, with some other posts that got lost due to a corrupted backup.
Readers have written me that they couldn’t find it on the site.
I found it on the internet, so here it is again.
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Spontaneous Combustion

Earlier this year I stumbled over this article:
Man, 65, believed to have died from spontaneous combustion,. There are many cases like this.
Spontaneous Combustion is Kundalini gone wrong.

If the heat of the Kundalini rises, it has to be directed up through our spiritual or metaphysical energy system, as a ground rule. We have to direct it. Many teach that via Yoga, Meditation and such. It seems to be the general opinion that one has to reach a certain level of spirituality to encounter it. That is absolutely not always the case.

I, and others, especially healers, have dealt with people who really did not have a spiritual attitude to this life, but suddenly it was raised. When it does that it burns like hell, and ‘oh, there goes gravity’ and a feeling of being unsettled, dizziness, severe headache, unfocused vision, loss of appetite sets in along with other symptoms. It is manageable, but it may take some time.

What is not manageable is when it pops like a volcano.

The Kundalini, cleanses out old debris floating around in the energy systems, primarily the Chakras and if this is too clogged, the body Combusts – like a clogged chimney. The heat cant get out, escape.
If you are familiar with the heat of the Kundalini, you will know how hot it can get really. Feels like everything is burning up your spine, genitals, arms, legs and if one takes a steamy hot bath, one will feel that water as cool.

I would like to return to the argument that the Kundalini is not only for the spiritually advanced by comparing it to the Physical Stigmata.
Kundalini is, in its origin, an ‘East Church Phenomena’  – the Stigmata is, in its origin, a ‘West Church Phenomena’.

Due to the rise of interest in Eastern Religion, Philosophy (Buddhism is not considered a religion but a philosophy) the metaphysics of East and West have merged – I see that as a good thing, since esoterically the Mystics of both East and West are familiar via personal experiences with both systems. I have often written about that.

In the Metaphysics of the West Church (Christianity) it is also considered ‘special’ to have physical Stigmata: Pater Pio, Sct. Francis and several more. But also here the Physical Stigmata hits ‘common people’ who start to bleed from their body from the same places as Christ on the Cross. The same thing seems to happen – suddenly the metaphysical anatomy we have inside goes into overdrive, costing them great pains and agony.

Many are ‘religiously awakened’ and some are not – they do not understand it. It’s stored up energy which reaches Critical Mass and erupts like a volcano. Just like with Spontaneous Kundalini, people want it to go away so they can carry on with their lives.  It is very interesting, these forces we have inside, whether we have heard of them or experienced them.

We seem to know very little of these Alchemistic/Esoteric forces still, and it might mirror this as a collective understanding of how much we use our brain.  It is a myth that we only use 10 percent – but it is not a myth that we do not use the full potential of it and thereby our five senses. And some still believe there is no such thing as a Sixth Sense…

Same thing goes for our Metaphysical Energy System.

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