June 26, 2020

I haven’t been writing much lately.

This is due to the mass house arrest called Lockdown. As you properly are aware, Spain has been quite draconian and the lockdown lasted to Monday this week.

Even though I have been sneaking out in the stealth, being involuntarily confined in the narrative of 2020 spell casting Corona style, I have to be outside as much as I can for many reasons.

In general, and that day will come, this whole deception will be seen as a crime against humanity.

However, I think the next shutdown is imminent. I wrote in February that there would be a second wave of Corona in September. That was before it all really started. I still believe that to be true.
What we need to look out for now is what they call: Corona Hot Spot lockdowns, which have already started here.
If you notice here in Europe, it’s the same things that are said by “different governments” reading from the same script.

These governments said one week: Borders will be closed and then they simultaneously changed their minds the next week.

They didn’t change their minds – they were told to revert their decision mainly on three accounts:

1. To keep up the mass psychology trauma-based mind game they are playing.
2. To provide ground for the spike or second round in the autumn.
3. To mess with your perception of freedom and lock you down locally.

Spain, for one country, didn’t count its new Corona cases for 2 weeks, after they decided to say: Spain is safe. Yes, it’s that obvious and the same goes for other countries, too. No more on this now, I will write more about it later on.


After a major flustercluck at a Nordic secure email service I placed my trust in, I had to abandon it. They lost their customers attachments and emails…

I have shifted to MailFence, so if you have been trying to reach me and your emails bounced, then that would be the reason.

MailFence is in my opinion the best and most user friendly. I have tested quite a few Secure email providers. (Protonmail, Tutamail, Ctemplar – avoid!)
MailFence have free accounts but paid accounts are not expensive. Awesome support and friendly team.

Since I can’t post my email address here in the open due to spambots, you will have to go through the contact form here and get in touch with me again.

Anyhow, there will be days with very little or no posting and writings within the next two weeks.

Sun and Light and The Outside Room, sitting at a café or beside the river, smelling the flowers, walking by the Sea and seeing my kids, I haven’t seen them since December – are the main priorities after 3.5 months of House Arrest.

Much Love.

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