Stealth Rebel: How to Take a Walk in a Lockdown

April 7, 2020

I have read on some awakening sites: “Just go outside and enjoy the spring.”

Maybe not the most intelligent advice, as it can have severe consequences for people who are under a lockdown – severe, because it can put you in harm’s way of either being fined an insane amount or get you thrown into jail.

Whether we like it or not:
We are right now up against a force that currently can imply hurt. Unless somebody rallies the call and says: We need to approach this on a critical mass narrative and on this particular day and time, 10,000 of us are taking a walk, so it should break the system of control.

On a mundane level, yes, they are stronger than us, but on a spiritual level they are not.

While being in a country on full lockdown, I have managed to take my two daily walks by going Ninja in the System of Fear – formally known as the Matrix.

Remember: My aim is absolutely not to put you in harm’s way, so whatever consequences should rise if you’re caught, it is a risk that you have to contemplate for yourself as worth taking.

First of all: Walk Alone.

In a total lockdown, it is not permitted to take a walk with your kid (horrible collective abuse of children) and your partner.

If you do not have any children and you want to walk “with” your partner, do it at a certain distance between each other, so you’ll look like two people walking with no connection between you.

Yes, I know it can sound like you’re complying and frankly, I hate to say it, but it’s the safest way, and NO: We are not complying. We´re being smart, conscious, and aware of what we are doing. I used to call this: Mambo the Matrix. 

Be a Ninja – not a sitting duck for the system to make an example of.

Find the right time:

The best way to Ninja this is to read the traffic where you are. When are most people out?
Some are going to work, some are walking the dog, some are shopping.

In most locked down countries, it is allowed to go out if the errand is to:
Buy groceries
Go to the doctor
Go to the tobacco store
Go to the ATM at the bank
Walk the dog

Find the vortex in that traffic and use it.

The police are usually a bit laid back during those hours, since it makes no sense and takes a lot of manpower to confront each person being outside, going for work, groceries, banks and so on.

There will usually be 2 times a day where this works, as said in the morning hours and again when things shut down for the day.

I, as many, am very dependent on my daily walks for obvious health reasons. But your psychological health can also be dependent on this, as goes for still insisting of not buying into obeying the herd mentality, but the herd is actually the safest place to pursue your ‘criminal’ activity in.

Body language

Be careful with that.
Yesterday, I was going down a narrow one-way street, walking down the middle, when a police car came down the street. I drew a little to the left so it could pass me, and I was still in the street and not the pedestrian area.

As it approached, I kept an eye on it and it slowed down, and as it prepared to confront me, I made eye contact with the two officers inside and gave them a gentle nod. They nodded back and continued their patrolling.
The trick is not to look defiant, guilty, and such, but to tell them with your body language that: All is good here – I have nothing to hide. I think that was the third time I had done that.

Have an errand.

Maybe get a small amount at the cash machine and hold on to the receipt. Or get a pack of smokes and keep the receipt. If you don’t smoke, make a stash and give them to somebody who does.

The receipt is your way out of trouble should they get right into your face. And always find the bank or the stores furthest away from where you live.

I do, and it gives me an hour walk two times a day, where if I should find the nearest ones, it would be 20 minutes a day.

Have an explanation ready, since the narrative is that you go to the places nearest to you.

Like: Yes, I know I’m a bit off the given path, but they didn’t have an item and so on…

Being creative in this situation is  to get out of a tight spot. It´s self-preservation and you are still not complying, you’re navigating a troubled sea with no need to drown.

Since we “read” each other on body language and especially what’s in our eyes, do not become insecure. They smell that out like a sniffer dog in a crack joint.

Be very silent, be a Ninja on a mission.

I got into this situation:
I was walking to the tobacco store furthest away, and my walks always are along the Sea – I miss the Sea so much. The sound of it, the smell of it, and the Sea´s ability to fill your field with positive ions. It’s a bath even though we don’t go in.

The tobacco store furthest away is close to a balcony overlooking the Ocean, so I diverted and stood by the bannister and looked at the Sea.
A police car came and they got out and asked me what I was doing there.
I said that I was at the tobacco store (200 meters away) and I just needed to look at the Ocean, since I hadn’t seen it for a month.
Okay, they said: 10 minutes or we will have to fine you.
Okay, deal.

They understood because it came from a longing place in me.

It would make no sense to say:
“I do not believe in all this crap and I bloody well decide where I am going.”

That’s confronting a power that’s stronger than you at the present and it will just piss them off and they will come down hard.

Give softness and you will receive (in most cases) softness back.

So, find your Ninja and see if you can pull it off.

Also, remember, it’s often the same police at the same times of day, and if they get accustomed to seeing you, they will think: Business as usual.


I wish I could say: Get the hell out and don’t give a shit.

That is not the path of the warrior right now.

The confrontation will come, where we will have to unleash the confrontational warrior in us, but that’s a bit into the future, when these draconian measures are lifted (some) and when people find out what’s really the agenda in all this.
Then the confrontational warrior is needed and called for and we will be Legion.

Right now, it’s about keeping your sanity and get a sniff of and plug into the joy of, what is for so many is a lost spring.

No need to lose a spring, your sanity, and immune system if you can play it smart.

Never give them a reason to put you in jail or fine you into poverty.

That is reserved for another time, hopefully soon, where our souls would insist we tell them our truth with mind soul and body no matter the cost.

©2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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