Stop Feeding the Virus Addiction – Go Live Your Life

December 15, 2021

The world has become addicted to the drama of corona and this addiction has spiralled out of control.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realise this but the majority of us are in such deep addiction to the trauma of corona that we cease to function without some form of corona dependency.

And it’s not just those who believe the narrative that are addicted. It’s also those who don’t believe it and can’t go through a day without obsessing over it. Hey, I’ll freely admit that I’ve been there. Now I’m out of my addiction I can only see too clearly all those still wading through the fog of dependency.

Obsessed with corona

It’s a worldwide obsession that has robbed us of all perspectives. It’s like the world as we knew it has ceased to exist. It hasn’t, it’s still there in all its beautiful glory, we just can’t see it because we’re so addicted to the corona drama.

It’s all a show and we can’t tear our eyes away.

A new variant appears (hey, we ‘conspiracy theorists’ didn’t see that one coming..) and suddenly the world is gripped again on a knife edge of drama and suspense. It’s all anyone can talk about and it’s robbing us blind. This psychological obsession is stunting our potentiality, creativity and ability to thrive. It’s a cancerous growth on our souls that we need to cut free.

Every conversation I overhear talks about the rona. Every news headline or bulletin I accidentally glance at talks about the rona. Every person is constantly thinking about the rona. All the damn time. You have 60,000 thoughts a day. Now be honest, how many of those thoughts are corona-related?

Now can you see the addiction?

Classic signs of addiction

If not, let’s look a little deeper. This is more than a form of compulsive obsession, it is a downright addiction, and out of all the classic signs of addiction, there are a few which really stand out.

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