November 8, 2020

Every Storm, is born from a mild breeze
that intensifies, as it meets the right conditions
Hurricanes are born under such circumstances,
as a silent stir of the air, above the surface of the Sea
near the cost of the Sahara desert
embedded in the Universal Law of Synchronicity
that is the fabric of:
Everything is connected.

As the System of Fear
pushes the narrative of
What is connected:
shall be disconnected
Love, Passion, Caring, Empathy, Touch, Breath, Safety
it cannot shelter that storm
any wind
any breeze

Lets not
Fear the Wind that
brushes trough our souls
every fog, must move as it
stirs up a breeze in our hearts
that simply feels, alienated
from this world.

Our hearts is not the alien
our souls are not covered or blinded
by tin foiled hats
The breeze of our hearts
came to life – comes to life
as It sees, feels, taste
human symmetry slipping away from our firm grip

When they tell us to fear the Storm
we shall answer:
I do not fear my own heart
We are that Storm
‘Thank You – for stirring it up’
We know that Love, is not a sacrifice
We know that Love
Sacrifices only within itself.

A mighty storm is coming
We are safe in that
As we touch each other
connected in the gathering
of the winds of the Hearts
surrounding our Planet from pole to pole
not anymore the winds of change

But an unforgiving merciless Storm,
which only shelter is within the Heart
shelterless – heartless
they will be blown away
as the eerie howling
descend on them
and everything they cherish
will be blown to pieces

Listen to the wind in your Heart
it whispers
Not long now, Pilgrim
not long now.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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