‘Your Suffering Is Of Your Own Choosing’

May 26, 2021

There is a narrative in spirituality that says: ‘We chose that’ – or, ‘We chose that when we signed up for this life.´
Often it is misused to understand suffering from a spiritual perspective, a personal perspective, or a collective perspective.
Even more often it’s another cliché with a very tolerant relationship with what is really going on.
To see through the karmic patterns in a persons life and explore the dharma of that person, is not by any means an easy task and to arrive at the Station of ‘ You chose that’ is not by default a given thing.

The problem is when that narrative makes people cold and indifferent to suffering.
The problem with that narrative is the design to make you accept the Status Quo, for yourself and everybody else.

When we use it as an excuse not to intervene or to generally recognize the boxed in religions’ take and main Matrix of life, which broadly translates into: Yes, we came to this Earth to suffer, and the suffering ends when we die and go to ‘a better place.’ (The best excuse ever made for collectively treating people like dirt.)

So why go here in the first place? Forced? Hardly.

We evolve through opposites bu friction and our way of steering through them and deciding which path to take. To stretch that argument – and it is not a far stretch – we chose between what we see as Darkness and Light.

As we know, many cover their darkness in a spiritual coating. I have touched upon this many times, so I will not go into that here. Unfortunately, those who do so operate under the cover of awareness – of being aware. The reality is their lack of self-awareness. They feel entitled. Let me leave that for what it is – it speaks for itself.

It is mirrored in politics.
The new ‘progressive’ left, with its appetite for censoring, suppression, and character assassinations of anyone who doesn’t plug into their promotion of being offended over basically everything, shows a severe gap of self-awareness when they act like and turn to the tools of fascism.

Empowerment through self victimization, wont ever happen.

Disempowerment is the aim while promoting empowerment. That is why they mirror some distorted dynamics in spirituality.

They do not have ethics. They do not have sympathy for anything who doesn’t fit into their ‘offended’ agenda.

Right Fighting is the Ego version of Fighting for what is right.

We have to watch out for acting the same way into double standards and self-deception.

The most obvious perpetrators are cults.. A narcissistic personality has no problem attracting worshippers and plugging into the idea of that narcissist being Awake and the key to Salvation and the debunking of ‘God’s will or the will of “The Universe.”

What is often confusing is the question of detachment.
The anatomy of a sociopath is that they are by default ‘detached.’ They do not understand this world emotionally or what impact they make on it.. Not because they evolved – hence: the state of their victims or the state of the world in general, as in world leaders and their minions.

This is where the narrative of: ‘We chose that suffering’ – or, ‘We chose that when we signed up for this life´ can somehow become twisted into a very cold place, because our spirituality is based on detachment on so many levels.

Perhaps the person that suffers also chose your help before coming here!

So, it is a two-sided coin until we take a stand by constantly measuring the warmth within our hearts, our empathy, and what touches our souls.

Being spiritual should never be a question of indifference to suffering and an excuse for no intervention when we witness it unfold in our private lives.
We can have a neighbor who frequently beats up his wife, or maybe we can see someone spiraling downwards in substance abuse.

Leave it alone – they chose it – before coming to Earth?

I am not advocating being a goody-goody do-righter who has to fix everything within reach that is none of their business.

I am advocating conscious spiritual awareness towards suffering. This means that you know how to guard your energy and you’re not ‘uncomfortable’ in the presence of ‘Everything is not fine and dandy.’

We have long ago realized that we single-handedly can’t save the collective world from abuse, but we also know that WE can put up a transforming resistance by keeping on keeping on.

I cannot by default plug into the frameset of: ‘It’s all decided before we came’ as a concrete solid rock narrative. That kind of messes with free will for one thing.
Some major things we did sign up for would be the pull of Karma, which we can see as bad or good, and the joy of finding our Dharma (purpose).
We can change the narrative.
We have celestial guardian angels – we often overlook that we also can be each other’s, without the association of the stickiness that argument can spark.

To know something is good – and to act on that knowledge in conscious awareness is manifested spiritual wisdom.

The question is:

If we’re walking down a street and see a child about to cross the road, and we also see the bus that will hit the child if he/she steps out from between the parked cars …

Do we shout: Hey, stop! – Or do we think: Meant to be?

Sometimes in life, we just are that child and would like someone to shout their lungs out.

© 2021 Soren Dreier  Services

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