Surveillance – Let’s Protect Each Other

May 19, 2020

I posted: Surveillance – Now Is the Time to Protect Yourself

It actually doesn’t go one way. I had two experiences recently …

I was emailing a real estate lady in Greece in order to maybe move to another country.

She asked if I had WhatsApp, which to me is pretty much the equivalent to asking a veggie if he would like a juicy T-bone steak. When the emailing was finished, I noticed that Google thought that I was in Greece (via her gmail).
If you do a search and scroll down to the end of the search page, you can see where Google thinks you are.

So clearly, the lady´s lack of protecting herself suddenly made google find out my location or think they did, thanks to the VPN I was in ‘France’ virtually.

Yesterday, I had emails from a lady via her Samsung cell phone.

I know she has one – because it says so in her email: Sent via Samsung Phone. Why should people know which phone you use?.
An iPhone does the same.
This signature can be removed by going into settings. The result was – I now get Samsung commercials and spam in my email. Which means that Samsung is harvesting who you mail with and uses that!

I am not complaining here, so don’t stop mailing me. I am just pointing to it.

I am pointing to the fact , that we, who oppose the Surveillance narrative, are quite dependent on you also doing it.

In the article linked above, there are secure alternatives.

So maybe take a stand against this and use a couple of hours to shift to to messengers, emails that actually keep you safe, and also the people that you are engaging with.

You can still use your Gmail and whatnot – just copy/paste into a secure mail and secure your phone. It’s not that difficult.

As I wrote: We must realize that if we do not protect ourselves, we are sitting ducks for surveillance and risk being flagged as enemies of the State. With the narratives we see now – That reality is moving in fast.

Privately: Do we like being willfully spied on?
What if it was our neighbor that monitored us this way? Would we take that?

Let’s take care of each other.

Much Love.

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