Surveillance – Now Is the Time to Protect Yourself

April 27, 2020

I chose to post these under the same headline.
Now could be a good time to be aware of which mail provider, browser, messaging app you use.
Might as well take the step and secure yourself now, before things get more bloody serious than they already are.

It would be very worth considering to turn off both Bluetooth and Location tracker on your smartphone
and not go into the: Cold Comfort for Change, narrative.
Move away from Big Tech Emails, WhatsApp. Facebook and whatnot.
There are plenty of alternatives.

I put in some links to the Restore Privacy site, where we can research and make some self reliant choices.
If you are against the mainstream narrative, you will very soon be seen as a severe threat to the System Of Fear.Go stealth as good as you can….

Sneaky Apple (Never trust Apple):

Bluetooth on iPhone: You will have to turn it off under ‘Settings/Bluetooth’ or it will just turn itself on again.
At least that is fairly well known.

This is not:

If you install Apple OS on your Mac and say NO to Geolocation in the setup, Apple ignores your choice and your location is revealed and stays that way, without your knowning. That is plain abuse of our trust.
Check also: System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Location Services and untick the boxes.
If they already are unticked – please double check with a firewall.
Same stuff if you like me will have nothing to do with their iCloud. System connects anyway.
I have 12 of what I consider to be snooping connections to Apple blocked on my system and it works just fine.
You can check my claims about this if you install a Firewall on your Mac: Little Snitch and Hands Off are good choices and have a free trial period. Little Snitch is the easiest to understand.


If you use Avast/AVG ‘free’ antivirus and many do: Know that they sell your Browser history.
That is the price you really pay.
Time to walk away.
I have tested quite a few Secure email providers. (Protonmail, Tutamail, Ctemplar(Avoid)
MailFence is in my opinion the best and most user friendly.
They also have free accounts but paid accounts are not expensive. Awesome support and friendly team.

Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, 14 Eyes – Explained

Most secure VPN provider

Private and Secure Email

Private and Secure Browsers

Private Search Engines

– Best SD

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