Swedish Parliament Re-elects Old PM – Promises to Increase Migration

January 22, 2019

In the third PM vote, which took place on Friday, Vänsterpartiet (left-wing, communist party) decided to vote in favor of socialist party leader Stefan Löfven.

The two parties have admitted that they made an agreement in order to stop the right-wing anti-mass migration party Sweden Democrats from gaining power.

This means that Stefan Löfven will continue to govern the country for another four years.

Löfven was PM during the migrant crisis in 2015/2016. He was the one, who under the motto “My Europe builds no walls” decided to swing the door open and let an unmanageable amount of migrants into Sweden.

And as a result, Sweden has changed significantly for the worse.

Shootings, bombings, grenade attacks, robberies and rapes have increased massively, the police and health care system are almost out of control, many Swedes feel unsafe, the pensioners are getting poorer and poorer, and Islam keeps demanding one right after another in society.

In a TV interview on Saturday, Löfven promised to solve the “challenges” – as he calls the problems, that the country faces.

However, it has also been announced recently that migration to Sweden will be allowed to increase under his governance – since, among other things, family migration and reunion restrictions that were implemented in 2015 will now be lifted.

How he will manage to pull these two contradictory promises through at the same time is unknown.

One thing’s very clear though, no politician – or person, before him has ever managed to solve any problem without first stopping the cause of it.

Exactly how his party’s politics will affect Sweden, the Swedes and the rest of the world will find out in the coming months and years.


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