Swedish Political (in)Correctness Has Totally Gone Kebab

February 27, 2019

City welcome sign with Islamist woman in hijab sparks outrage in Sweden.

Many Swedes consider the ad board to be symbolic of the ongoing Islamisation of Sweden and that it, just like prayer calls, indicates that the city is Muslim.

In addition, it has emerged that the Muslim woman in question, Suzan Hindi, previously worked as a guide in a Salafist (extremist) mosque and also has links to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organisation.

It remains to be seen how long the board and ad will be up. The municipality will most likely not take it down. The inhabitants of Gävle, on the other hand, are known for vandalising public property. Torching of the city’s large Christmas goat is a popular amusement since many years. Maybe the board will meet the same fate!?

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Swedish Ad With Hijabi Minor Slammed for Legitimising Oppression

Critics have interpreted a hijab-wearing Muslim girl in an ad by a municipal housing company as a token of political correctness gone wrong and as a harbinger of things to come.

A new summer job ad by the municipal housung company Stångåstaden in the Swedish town of Linköping featuring a Muslim girl in a hijab has sparked strong reactions. Many Swedes were repelled by the ad, which, they suggested, normalised honour-related oppression.

Stångåstaden’s campaign is party aimed at minors, as the company made it clear on their website that they are looking for applicants aged 17 and over.

A movie ad has also been made. The only younger person who appears in the ad is a child who is wearing a veil.

The hijab ad divided Swedes, which resulted in a heated debate on social media.

“Time and again we see how the veil on children gets normalised”, Faw Azzat, public debater and goodwill ambassador for Never Forget Pela and Fadime (GAPF), a national association working against honour-related oppression, tweeted. GAPF was founded as a secular organisation to commemorate Pela Atroshi and Fadime Sahindal, both victims of Islamic “honour culture”.

So. An image with a lipstick is considered sexualising, and radical feminists rage to such extent that the ad is removed. But a child in [Islamic] veil?! It’s all right. That’s priorities for you”, she tweeted in a sequel.

“I’m old enough to remember the time when the conventional feminist wisdom was that a veil was bad”, another user tweeted, hinting at feminists’ double standards when it comes to the empowerment of women.
“Well, well, you see how ‘modesty’ keeps radiating from her?” a user tweeted sarcastically, hinting at the sale of burkinis dubbed “modesty suits” in Sweden.
“When I watch Swedish TV, it seems that the qualification for being an anchor is that you are either a woman, a homosexual or a foreigner. Preferably all three at once,” a Norwegian chipped in on Sweden’s political correctness.

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