Synchronicity and Signs

April 23, 2018

Somewhere in the 1980’s I had lunch with Deepak Chopra: Deepak was at the height of his creative career and touring the world as the great speaker he is.

A lot of people today see him as tangled up in the Matrix. Maybe he is – I don’t feel like going judgmental because he would never be that to me or you. Anyhow, what Deepak writes either in his context as a doctor or self-development there is always great inspiration to be picked up. So either way, that’s a gift.

Deepak talked a bit about the Yoga Sutra, which is very much the philosophical and spiritual background for his early writings and it still is.

Then we went on to discuss synchronicity and he told me this story. It obviously made an impact since I still remember it. If he has mentioned it in his work later I don’t know.

The story illustrates my point in: The Undistorted Power of Attention

One morning Deepak was on his way to the airport. He told that he usually ordered at limousine to take him there. Or rather: a service from his publisher. The limousines were usually black; this morning the car was Yellow.

“I was puzzled about that,” he said, and “I had doubt whether to call the service and hear if there had been some kind of mistake, but then I found out that I wanted to explore, since there must be a reason for it.”

Deepak continued: “What is the message here? It can be multiple, comfort zone, habit breaking or an important message from the Universe. I decided to go with the message and the message is ‘Yellow’ since it is the only thing that stands out. So I decided to pay attention to ‘Yellow’.”

So on the way to the airport Deepak noticed a billboard for credit card in which the $ sign was highlighted in yellow. Aha, Deepak thought: Yellow = Money. Further along the road he noticed another billboard. This time for morning cereals. The package was yellow. Aha – Deepak thought: Yellow is: Money and Food.

“I didn’t see any more yellow the rest of the drive so I thought, until now: Not much to go on.”

Entering the airport there was no significant yellow he would notice as a clue.

“‘Then I went on the airplane, found my seat, and this man sat down in the seat next to me – he was wearing a yellow shirt. Not many did,” Deepak said, “So I waited.”

Then the man asked him:

“Are you Deepak Chopra?” Deepak said yes, and the man continued: “I have been trying to get in touch with you but I think my letters maybe have not made it to you. I have been following your writing on health. I produce morning cereals and I wanted to hear if we maybe could work together on providing very healthy and nutritious food for the children in this country.”

Deepak said to me: “You see Soren, that year I made some money working with this. I think that Yellow opened my mind to it. Had I not been aware of the signs, which basically is the manifestation of synchronicity, I think I would have had to decline because I am very busy and I get a lot of these requests.”

I am very grateful that Deepak told me this story since it altered my perspective, not of money, but of: The Power of Attention and the mechanics of synchronicity. I also think and that is maybe the most important lesson, well, it was to me, that Deepak had a scent of doubt of it until he reached the finish line, which was the man next to him.

It first made sense to him at this point.

To me that is the anatomy of synchronicity:

We might have a hunch. We might read the ‘signs’, but is it in our imagination or is it somehow real? Doesn’t really matter much, sine imagination will lead to: Real.

I have gone astray many times on that and I know Deepak has. Every time we do take one step forward and two steps back, we learn a bit. It is also a great lesson in how subtle the Universe can be when it goes into: Suggestion Mode.

Pick the suggestion up or leave it be.

There’s a lot we don’t see and there’s a lot we don’t hear. Rarely the Universe shouts, it knows the power embedded in the most silent of whisper. Reminds me an awful lot about how the truth is spoken. Not from those who shout it, but understands the power of a hint.

All depends on consciousness, the appetite for adventure and our ability to be: Learning by doing.

‘Thrive for the adventure – not the result’ –  is a very good tactic when it comes to read the synchronicity, since the result will come after the synchronicity is our proven guide.

© 2018 Soren Dreier

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