Tales From The Future: ‘Winters Gone’

April 15, 2020

He was about to set out for his moonlight walk.

A year ago, the world had gone black before his eyes and he found some light, he found a good place to live. Today, the temperature dropped, so he kept his fireplace burning. His cat has a certain disposition for the place in front of it.
Putting on his warm boots and his long coat, he left his house with his vintage 2020 Springfield Armory Saint Semiautomatic Tactical Rifle over his shoulder.

She was finishing her day.
She worked in the garden now that winter’s gone, the river’s on the rise. She figured that she could be Self Reliant, fermenting and selling her produce. She saw the light in that after the world had gone black before her eyes.
Sometimes she would babysit for those in town and they would return the favor by preparing new soil for her to grow. Some would say she’s a hippie chick.
She made a cup of coffee and rolled a mellow joint, and grabbed her woolly blanket.

He could see this woman making herself comfortable on her porch. Looks cozy, he thought.
As he got nearer, she could hear him, so she looked towards the footsteps approaching. She remembered seeing him before and thinking, He sure likes his rifle.

As he passed, their eyes met.
They both nodded “Beautiful evening” to each other.

He didn’t take a walk as long as planned. He only went to the edge of town. A 30-minute walk. She stayed on her porch a bit longer that evening for some reason yet unknown to her.

As he walked home, he noticed that she was still there.
“Fancy a coffee, stranger?” she said.
He did.

Next morning, they both woke up at the same time.
He turned around and looked at her hair covering her pillow, and gave it a gentle stroke.
She said, “Good morning, stranger.”
He said, “A lifetime with you will be like some heavenly day.”
She said, “Nothing could ever take our love away.”

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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