March 4, 2019

On a small peak overlooking the plains, Wolf was contemplating the Zen hour of twilight below his beloved tree under an approaching new moon. He´d been there all day, in fact he´d been there for many moons.

By noon his rest was interrupted by a commotion coming from the plain beneath him. It was the joyous greeting of a returning son of the flock. Looking up it brought great joy to his heart that a member had returned.

As tradition would call for, Wolf noticed The Returned making his way up to greet him, over the plain it came and soon it was close. A small spider made its way over Wolfs paw. ‘Sorry-didn’t mean to step on any toes’ Spider nervously stuttered.

‘Permission to approach?’ The Returned politely asked.

‘Sure’, Wolf replied.

The Returned settled beside Wolf.

‘Welcome, good that you are back, hope you had a good year’, Wolf said with kindness in his eyes.

‘I did. It was awesome. One year at the Academy and you are certainly not the same. I´ve learned so much. Strategies of hunting, different strategies for protection of the flock and how to deal with renegades, strategies of protection against the Human world, crises management. Ohh don’t even get me started.’

Wolf responded with an appreciative nod.

‘It was a wonderful year and I found love. She will come and join the flock if granted by the full moon.’

‘Great thing, being in love’, Wolf responded.

‘But there is a rather delicate matter I have to bring up. As a matter of fact, we discussed it most of the night, the flock and I. The flock gave me mandate to step in – if you should agree, and this is not easy for me, but having been to the Academy and now starting my own family, the flock feels that a change of leadership is most needed and let’s face it, you seem to have lost all interest in the flock, being up here doing whatever it is that you do. The flock is concerned whether you are in a poor state, feeling lonely and depressed while putting yourself outside the safety of the flock.

The chain of command is not clear. They feel they lack leadership. They feel they need rules. They feel they need protection and you being up here for many moons, is putting their lives in danger.

We are afraid that you are unconcerned with the comfort that the flock provides and our way of life is compromised by you minding your own business apparently, maybe a bit egocentric, shall we say. That is also the main lesson at the Academy and these guys are clever: Always provide strong leadership. So, everybody is nervous of you and your commitment, settling disputes and all that goes with flock management.

Let me ask: What is it exactly that you do up here?

Wolf looked at The Returned with eyes that seemed like they were looking at the horizon behind him, but he was looking him in the eyes:

‘I spend my time listening to the wind and the grass. I contemplate the flowers and see how they each sway in the wind. I see the clouds rolling down from the mountain ridge and the way they each dissolve as soon as they hit the open plains. I see the buffaloes roam and graze from a far. I see the geese over the lake. I see the fishes in the river. I take joy in the opening of the day and I greet the unfolding of the night.’

‘Is that what you do? Really? How can that be of any common benefit to the flock?

You seem very distant and uninterested in the common aspects of our lives. There are disputes to be settled, there are cautionary tales of great dangers to be told. How on Earth are you in a position to hold the flock together against common enemies. How are you to tell the strays that they cannot stray. The rules of disobedience must be administered.

I am afraid I have to tell you to step down and let new blood govern and I hope we can settle this without a fight and nobody has to get hurt. You can stay here if you want, as long as you do not undermine my rule. But safety and protection must prevail. We cannot be put in harms way because of your lack of interest all of a sudden in our collective and individual safety. Listening to the wind and the grass is hardly what is called for and needed and it provides absolutely no measure of safety. What good can that lead to?’

Wolf replied:

‘Well the wind and the grass are telling me that if you do not get up instantly that snake that slithers through the grass right behind you, will bite you in the butt and you will start foaming from your mouth and be dead within the hour. Better jump, my friend, better jump’.

Wolf moved closer to the tree to rest for the night as the bats flew out from its branches watching The Returned making his way back to the pack.

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