That Big Little Voice Inside

January 21, 2021

The Big Little Voice Inside often appears when we feel exhausted, lonely, tired, confused, hopeless, and our inner climate goes bleak as winter. My experience from working with people is that it often appears when we have backed ourselves into a corner that we can’t get out of.

Self-sabotaging is very hard to conquer and the Big Little Voice Inside is trying to show us a way out of that state of being.

We also have to consider the collective climate we live in, which is highly contagious. The basic removal of our freedom and the fear that is embedded in most people now, going into the reptile brains’ fight or flight mode. It’s hard not to get infected.

I don’t think the big metaphysical explanation is necessary, since the Big Little Voice Inside often points to very practical ways out of our discontent, but on a metaphysical level, it is impulses from the wisdom within trying to reach our Operative Self and dissolve the status quo of what we perceive to be our misery.

We feel stuck and cornered and don’t think we have the energy to make something positive out of our day – hereby meaning and this is central: We do not feel we have done something remotely productive and lifted our day from feeling self-stigma, where nothing but self-loathing seems to be the grey  forecast for the day.

The Voice is there to persuade us to step out and seize what we can in order to lift our spirits and not give up. It is always suggestion based and not judgmental. It is always found in the little things we can do to push ourselves out of our own internal lockdown.

Some get so low that the question can be:

“I think I´ll just watch TV, which I really don’t want to, but hey, what else is there to do?”
Nothing wrong with that if we feel uplifted and it was the right thing to do because we needed the downtime.

Everything wrong with that if the inner dialogue is: “Well, here I am watching TV again – I’m so low and it gives me no pleasure – but it makes time pass.”

The inner voice would suggest even before you sit yourself down: “Maybe take a walk. It will be good for you to move your body and get some fresh air.” Naa, don’t want to.

That – Naa, don’t want to – even though you know it’s good for you is the reason you feel that you are cornering yourself and certainly staying in a situation where you feel powerless and weak – because normally you would.

I really should drink 1.5 liters of water each day, but no, I´m not thirsty. The voice goes: “You are playing with your health. Take a glass, then.” Naa, I am cornering myself, so not interested.

Should I phone/email a friend? Naa, maybe they will talk too much, so I will miss my series on Netflix. The voice goes: “Please do it. You need the human contact.”

We can actually sink so low on the inside. These three examples are not constructed. 

It’s an energetic suicide and there is a thin line between this low-key state of mind and a genuine depression.

My point is, listen to the Big Little Voice Inside inside no matter how insignificant it may seem. Only you know what you normally do to keep your spirits up and forcing oneself out of it can be necessary.

The outcome often is that you feel proud of yourself, you put some meaning and action into your day, and when we start to do that, we move out of self-sabotaging and cornering ourselves and self-loathing goes down with it.

It requires self-discipline and that is not always the go-to dish on the buffet of choice.

If we do not respect ourselves and treat ourselves poorly against our better knowledge, how can we expect others not to treat us the same way?

Honor yourself.

Look for the Exit Sign inside the Self-Sabotage Club and if you can’t run like hell, take one step at a time.

Lower your ambitions – not time to save the world right now – save yourself.

Listen to the Little Big Voice.

The more we do, the Inner Guide can step in and we’re free again.

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