The Astral Surgical Team

October 10, 2017

In a post on the Astral I wrote a bit about the subterranean beings in the denser spectrum of the astral layer. When gardening, both the bigger and smaller beings may come out of the rocks if disturbed when you dig up the soil.

Some readers asked me if they can prey on your energy field — they can. They can  cause disturbances in the frequency fields of the place you live in and such. The beings that prey on your energy directly and feed off it are different -– they are tied in with the ghouls.

In this post I would like to touch upon what I call The Astral Surgical Team.

I came across them when I did hands on healings. As mentioned before, the astral plane is not my favorite realm, since it’s messy and tends to hold its explorer down in a lower density.

As an example, many mediums channel from that frequency and are often tricked by astral beings posing as etheric beings.

As I went about hands on healing, I came across The Astral Surgical Team entities who are a low frequency healing crew. When I first felt them I was quite critical. I saw them in my direct sight, not in peripheral vision.

They sort of casually appeared. They sauntered in, not only visually but audibly too. Normally, I don’t fancy astral beings speaking so that I can hear them with the ‘outer’ ear. It’s kind of spooky to me. Usually they know to communicate via telepathy, which is the inner ear. The other way is too intrusive.

You have to protect your field and not give yourself away for a little metaphysical attention. A good strategy is to ignore these entities or call on celestial helpers, like The Angelic Realm.

The Astral Surgical Team basically went:

“You need help here Bro? – We’re good at this – All trained – Ask around and you will see we come with good recommendations.”

Okay, I thought, and didn’t give them any more attention.

I mentioned it to a psychic lady I knew and she went: “OH, yes they’re cool – can be trusted.”

I asked her to describe them and she did. What are the chances, eh?

It would have been a distortion if in her description they had appeared as beings of light, all made of transcendent etheric stuff and dressed in angelic wardrobes. No, they weren’t. They are low spectrum astral beings and they resonate that.

So this is the common perception of them:

Usually there are three of them. Their group leader is always smoking a half burned cigar and you can actually smell that. My clients even asked me if I had been smoking cigars after they had appeared.

They are all a bit chubby and they wear the clothing of WW1 field surgeons, which the leader, who never revealed his name to me, told me they had been.

So we´re dealing with humans who lived through the trenches of WW1 and decided to stay in the astral field. Hard to embed, but the afterlife holds no boundaries. They obviously serve a purpose and that could very well be the reason for their staying. I still meet them in hands on healings but never in the remote healings. The remote healings are solely in the etheric.  Their height is approximately 1 – 1.5 meters. They have 5-day-old beards and they are usually not that hygienic – they’re a bit smelly.

It should be clear to most now why I was critical of their appearance and why I had to research before trusting them.

They carry a doctor’s bag with low-tech surgical equipment. A saw spikes, wooden clamps, rough bandages and things along that line.

I once led a seminar where I taught a group of healers to enter the Morph correctly and I brought up the Astral Surgical Team there, asking if anyone had seen them when healing. Five out of 25 had, and gave the same description as I just did here.

They concurred; the foreman and his crew were good.

One day I was working on a lady who had great pains and troubles with discs in her lower back. I had been working on them for a few sessions by then and the pain had started to level off. In stepped the crew with the usual: ‘Need help here Bro?’, and I told them to go ahead.

I didn’t let my hand move from her spine, since I would have found it very hard to say to somebody not aware of these realms: “I´m going in the kitchen for a coffee – I have WW1 surgeons working on you for about ten minutes.” You know: Be a mystic on a need to know basis – and don’t freak people out.

The foreman worked with some spikes that I could see going into her spine, the other two commented on the procedure.

One of the helpers said to me: “You have a broom, Sir? – I need to sweep the floor for debris.”

I often did that myself after a healing; sweep the floor for some grey cotton-like fluffy stuff that I would burn in the chimney.

It is the stuff that you can pull out as a healer and it is made either of astral or etheric fabric. I heard that the genuine Philippine psychics often suggest doing that, so it’s common.

As my hands were still active on the Lady’s spine, I could hear the spikes cracking something and I got a bit worried if the lady was in pain or not. She wasn’t: she was sleeping.

As I became aware of that the other helper said (he could obviously read me): “Yeah Bro – I gave her a small sedative. Hope it’s not against clinic policies.”

“Well, all done Bro” – the foreman stated.

“She might need another go, let’s see.” And then they were gone.

The Lady had had x-rays taken in hospital, which showed trouble with three of her discs. After the Astral Surgical Team had been in, she was out of pain. As she said: “I have my life back.”

She left me that day with small red bruises on her skin where they had worked on her.

When they perform their operations, they often leave a mark on the skin that goes away within a week or so.

When we get imbalanced in the body, it does not start in the physical organ. The ailment can often be seen in the etheric or the astral field of a person as a grayish toning of the bones or organs. That is why, if you work with these things or seek treatment in the healing fields, it can often prevent an ailment up to 6 months before it becomes a physical fact.

They do however seem to have one deal breaker:

If you ask them, they won’t work on you. I tried, but they politely rejected my request with: “We´d love to Bro – we really dig you – but you know – let’s keep this professional and not cuddle too much up’.

I like that answer.

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