The Great Australian Toilet Paper Apocalypse

March 4, 2020

Police taser man after fight over toilet paper breaks out

A man has been tasered after a fight over toilet paper broke out at a Big W in regional NSW.
Police arrested the man after the alleged assault in Tamworth just after 10am.
Officers were called to the store after being told a 50-year-old man began to argue with a staff member and another customer before he allegedly assaulted them.
He had to be tasered during the arrest at Tamworth Shoppingworld.
The man was taken to Tamworth police station where he is currently assisting police.

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Major Australian retailers limit toilet paper pack purchases per customer

Panicked shoppers have been caught on video pushing and shoving one another to get their hands on toilet paper packs.
The product has bizarrely become one of the most in-demand household items in Australia with people stocking up amid coronavirus fears.
Footage captured inside Woolworths Revesby, in Sydney’s south-west, shows customers scrambling to grab packs of toilet paper around 7am on Wednesday.
While some shoppers are “panic buying”, others are simply just in need of the toiletry good.
To make it “fair”, Woolworths has restricted customers to four packs per person.

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Inside the coronavirus bunkers: Australian mums show off their stockpiles of pasta, toilet paper and even Doritos

Australians are panic-buying items such as toilet paper, pasta and medication due to coronavirus.

Images have shown empty shelves and trolleys filled to the brim at major supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths as people rush to fill their pantries.

One mother, Leanne McLennan, shared images to Facebook of her stockpile that she has been building for five years.

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