The Bliss & The Anger

October 19, 2020

I’ve spent the last two weekends meditating and contemplating on the Field of the Christ.

After the first 2 days, I came out in a state of Bliss & Anger. I needed to do a second round of meditating and contemplating to make sure it wasn’t my own projections that lingered with me. After the second try, I found out that it was not my own shadow but the quality and frequencies of the Field of the Christ.

Saying this, we are—those who feel attracted to it—always connected with that field, which I have described before. 

Meditating on it and in it for some 48 hours obviously strengthens that connection. Setting time aside like this to connect to the Field that we each treasure is a well-known spiritual/metaphysical practice.

The Bliss:

I mentioned a while ago that there was a synchronicity and expansion of what I would like to describe as pure bliss. My shaman friends felt the same in these times of turmoil: “Strange, I feel the Inner Calm so much stronger.”

It is very much like the Calm we can feel in the midst of an accident or dire circumstances.

A very important point to be made is:

If we feel the absence of the God Force – The Celestial Light in these so troubled times, it is on the external we crave it most – where we pinpoint what we perceive as a need for divine interaction – our need for Celestial intervention.
I longed for it so much prior to my two weekends that I thought: I will do a post called “Open letter to the God Force”– starting with: Hey, have you forgotten us – we need help. I decided it was called for but childish.

This is the key for understanding that we are not forgotten:

When we say: I am in this world but not of it, as Jesus said – we create a very powerful transcendence, Vortex if you want for mundane detachment, which doesn’t mean we do not give attention to mundane matters.
Not giving attention to mundane matters might be a good way, or path to pursue, but it’s not my path.
I like to be in this world but not of it, as aware as we can get to mundane doings.

What it really does is that it helps us to not identify with Mundane turmoil but gives us more of a position of: Observing it, instead of identifying with it.

Said very clearly: Can we keep that position; we do not get sucked into victimization and do not take it personally. (Jesus: Forgive them, Lord, they do not know what they are doing.)
But they know what they are doing, and I will return to that.

But as we say it – so does the God Force.
It says: I am in this universe but not of it. And on a metaphysical note: That fully explains the non-intervention. It observes its creation – it doesn’t want to control it. 

How hard that can be to swallow – it points to: Absolute Freedom In Its Purest Form.

The God Force doesn’t micromanage its creation – its creation is free to do what it wants. And this is the crack where the Dark Forces can step in, and as you know – they are swarming it, with so many people being terrified, which opens their own field to be overtaken by entities who prey on fear.

So how can the God Force support us?

By shining its eternal love upon us if we care and dare to move into its light. 

The expansion of Bliss had enforced itself tremendously since I last wrote about it, so much that it penetrates our physical body, which I wrote about in: Light is the Spirit

I might be brave to say this, but I do not think it will elude me anymore – the bliss and its fellow companion called Gratitude has a tremendous staying power once it has settled.

In this world of surrounding turmoil we´re in, I never felt more safe, secure, and in tune with my inner craving for calm, stillness, awe, and bliss. I believe that room has grown into a mansion where I hold the key, where the darkness can’t get in.
We are all individually carpenters that build our own house inside.

A brave statement, yes, but it is the metaphysical reality of a quest taken on decades ago, and to finally arrive there not to weather the storm, stand in it without losing foothold, is mind-warningly blissful and probably the strongest evolution I have encountered over such a short period of time. (The last year, more or less).

My hope is that you feel or will feel the same. But these gifts aren’t free. We have to work for them. Keep them in our field of attention and not lose hope.

That is for me the way that leads to the Bliss and the expansion of it.

Which brings me to the Anger.

Anger is seen as an emotion most would like to get rid of and rightfully so. But anger has different sources and they are nested in different places within us. When spirituality talks of anger, as a feeling, or a shadow, it’s worth to get rid of – it pulls  its own teeth out, by not pointing to where the anger comes from.

Does it come from the Solar Plexus in us? Then it’s worth to dissolve, and it can take years. Since it would come out of: Ego. Ego is taking this stuff personally. Being offended by it. Right Fighting instead of fighting for what is right.

This realm of Right Fighting is exactly where the System of Fear operates. Power over others, forcing them, coercing them into using the same tools as they do. If we do that, they are on the winning side. Since the mundane power that they have exceeds ours. We don’t have an army, we don’t have a police force, we censor out nobody.

That battle can only be won by violence, and my God it is tempting to go there alone on the account of catharsis and the narrative of “something’s got to give” – and it might happen that we, the downtrodden, will win it, but after the dust has settled over the battlefield, we will see that the “New Boss is the Same as the Old Boss.” Not for me – you are welcome.

It requires “Followers” and “Leaders” and here, the old feudalistic narrative will win again. Overlords and peasants.

If we don’t want that, we have to examine what is “Heart.”

What is Heart?

The vortex within us that holds unconditional love and up that road.
Buuut: Unconditional love, huh?

Giving a sociopath a New Age hug and telling him that you love him is basically casting your love, like a pearl before a swine, hoping it can distinguish that pearl from its muddy meal.

It can’t. It’s a psychopath that actually just gets more energy by being luuuved, since that is what it wants and that is what it wants to abuse and rape.

So the anger and the superficial luuve – both come from the Solar Plexus, and hereby that love isn’t love at all. It’s love as a display, not rooted very well. But, hey: “I love everybody”.

Don’t feed the monsters. And KNOW – by the way: Everything isn’t what it’s supposed to be. That narrative died a slow suffocating death during 2020. Everything is not what it is supposed to be.

Everything is under attack. Freedom in all its frequencies is being targeted – love, romance, freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of everything as we know it.

And my little heart is angry about that!
My little heart is in rage.
My little heart wants to change that.

We the people, being beaten by the powers that be, every waking hour, throughout modern history. When could a generation safely say: We have lived in peace, we have lived a life of love, surrounded by love, being able to express it without boundaries?

I walked through history before writing this and couldn’t pinpoint such a time, collectively.

When the hearts open its realm of social indignation – nothing can hide from that. When the hearts open its realm of what is just and unjust, nothing can hide from that.

They know it!

That’s why they have the level of sub humans to enforce their agenda. The police, the military, and what not. So afraid these monsters are for love that they have to shut it down.

That is why Jesus the Sage – one man – could shake the Roman empire – the mightiest military machine on the planet. That’s why Gandhi could free India from the claws of the British Reptilian Empire – to a certain extent. That is why Martin Luther King could rock the racist boat.

All well administered anger from a point of injustice. Non-Violent.

Getting back to Jesus 2000 years ago (ya, it takes a minute), spiritual people seem to have forgotten the side of Jesus that got angry, spiteful, filled with wrath on the account to serve the New Age agenda’s superficial view on what the Heart really holds.

That realm of the heart opens when enough is enough.

That realm opens—and yes, it’s very inconvenient for the Ego—when our anger is ignited on the behalf of others. Not ourselves. The collective.

As mystics, we will know and in that knowing, we feel bliss and nothing but bliss, that we are merely sacrificial lambs ourselves, Ego doesn’t matter, and we take on that reality – should it acquire our own mundane demise. Either in the public eye, mainstream media eying a target for far away laughter, or to take down by character assassinations and lies.

The crucifixion of the modern world.

By daring this and by doing this, we will magnetize our heart, pulling in those who can see and hear and bouncing those who can’t, and unknowingly are feeding the dark forces.

When we truly understand that these are both sides of the same coin—or energy if you want—and are not contractive to the love for it all – empowerment emerges and we can see that the God Force – The Celestial – The Light, is working from the inner realms: We are safe.

The powers that be are not. It’s a force of love – they have no control over from the inside; it is a force unknown to them.

Our challenge is to channel that magnetic love and anger into the collective in the way we feel we can best do it, in a certainty that ensures us that: We are the light, each and every one of us who can feel this, in this dark, dark place.

Come join us.

“How do the Angels get to sleep when the devil keeps his porch light on?”
-Tom Waits
They shut down his source of energy.

© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services

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