The Brussels Attacks: What is True, What is Fake?

March 27, 2016

Two Fake CC surveillance Videos of the bomb attacks,  Ibrahim’s  Laptop Computer discovered in a Rubbish bin;

The  alleged Will (Testament) of one of the Daesh suspects;

Foreknowledge of the Attacks by the Belgian police and security authorities;

An EU terror emergency drill simulating a Metro attack held three weeks earlier, …

Mystery, “Evidence” concerning the deceased suicide bombers?

The role and death of suicide bombers Khalif and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui respectively at the Maelbeek metro station and Brussels airport?

Where are the official surveillance video recordings? Sofar they have been suppressed?

The Mysterious Photo: Three Daesh Suspects at Brussels Airport Caught on the CC Surveillance Camera?

A review of official police statements suggests that the still photos allegedly from the Airport CC Surveillance Camera were not initially released by the Police, they were first published by Dernière Heure,, which is part of Belgium’s media giant Groupe Multimédia IPM S.A.

It is worth noting that together with La Libre (also part of Groupe IPM) (mistakenly) published the fake CC surveillance video of the Brussels airport bomb attacks by using the footage of the Moscow terror attack of January 2011.

The “real” video footage from the airport CC surveillance cameras has sofar not been made public

Below is the picture of the three Daesh suspects walking in Brussels airport. There is no mention as to when (at what time) the still video picture was taken.

Apart from this still image, no official CC surveillance video footage was released. (See our analysis on the fake CC videos).

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