The Crystal Eyed People – Revisited

November 11, 2020

I have crossed paths with some very interesting people who bear some very interesting similarities.
I had the idea of writing about them for about half a year, but decided to wait until I was absolutely sure and that I had enough experience so I could describe them. I don’t know if they are described elsewhere.

I have touched on non-biological beings before, in the astral and more lighter realms (devas), whom we share this planet with, us being in the physical body.

The Crystal-Eyed People are in the physical body and they have such rich deva-like features that —it is my understanding—that at some point in their evolution, they made a crossover and incarnated as human beings in the physical form.

Seen from a metaphysical perspective, that makes sense since there are sober non-religious ancient scriptures describing that Angels are able to make that crossover and humans also can make that crossover and pursue their evolution either as Angels going Human or Humans going Angel. It’s embedded in many song lyrics, poems, and literature, so maybe we know it, but don’t really know that we know it.

I also take into account that The Crystal-Eyed People sometimes lose their composure and suddenly, for some seconds, shapeshift into their deva-like state. They have Deva DNA imbedded in their human DNA.

This shapeshifting isn’t spooky or dark in any way like the reptilians. Being beside a Crystal Eyed person, when they do will most likely strike you with awe. They become more ethereal, the flesh of their human body can’t coat the high frequency they have. When that hits you out of the blue, you will know that you’re with one.

The first encounter I had with The Crystal-Eyed People was about five years ago.
I met some more briefly in the following years and last summer, they seemed to present themselves in numbers. As I got used to the whole concept of them, I started seeing them in the photos people send me if they need a healing or a reading. It’s in their eyes. The people I met was between 21 – 33 years of age.

Their Eyes

On occasion, I would sit across a table from, or go for a walk with, a Crystal-Eyed person. I learned that if the sun hits their face sideways, then the sunlight would go into their eyes from the side.
The sight of that simply makes me go Wow! inside.
They have layers of colors in their eyes. Many of us do, but this is different.
As an example, if one has blue eyes, there would be a range of blue colors in the iris of both the deepest almost amethyst purple/blue and out towards the very light white/blue in the frequencies of the blue scale. Some of us have that too.
But a sure sign is that the colors move like tiny plates of thin fragments of crystals embedded in and moving around in the fluid of the eye. It is such a dazzling sight to see.

We can spot reptilians often by their reptilian eyes. That happens when they lose their composure. The advice here, as you know, is: Run.

The difference is that the dance of crystals like elements in The Crystal-Eyed People’s eyes is permanent. It is always there.

That is the primary way to spot them.

There are other shared traits and it is a fixed list, since I only have taken the main characteristics, because on the not-so-important scale they are very individual. Just like the rest of us: We can make a list to spot Humans and it would be infinite. But we share characteristics that defines us from other species that we share the planet with.

The Control System

They really do not understand the Matrix/Control System, but they all know it’s there!

They observe it and they have told me stuff that I knew, where I have thought in regards to the younger ones – “They know that already!”

It is their ‘weak’ spot – they think (I see it as a strength) but in some way they are right, because they do not know how to deal with it. They simply do not understand, and not in a naïve way, why it is necessary and why it imposes itself on them and what right it has to do that.

They can seem a bit “snowflake” on that, but it is an unfair label to put on them since they are not snowflakes but warriors on another level.
We all to some extent have to deal with the Matrix in order to live our lives. The challenge for us lies in detaching it and making it less relevant to our lives. To be fully detached from the Matrix takes some time unless you go hard core prepper.

The Crystal-Eyed People often get themselves in trouble because they do not see or foresee that by not smarting up it can get them into trouble. It can simply be: telling the System where you live, health insurance, passports, not overstaying the designated time of your visa and such.
They do not understand all these measurements of control and administration.

If you meet one, please help them out. They are not ignorant. It is simply not a programming they have and it is not something they are occupied with.

They don’t seem to learn it, but have to be coached.
They are definitely not ignorant and they get very sad when they find out they should have acted or reacted.
It is their Deva DNA causing it and the frequency they still have coming out of that realm. Devas are free to roam and their sense of plight lies not in the mundane business of control but in the deva purpose of elevating frequencies and taking care of nature and such.

They are NOT to be mistaken for blissed out spiritual hippies who are too spiritual to take any responsibility also for themselves.

Plants and compounds

The ones I have met know all about plants and I had no trouble picking their brains and learning something. Take a walk with them and you will soon be in a situation where they start to comment on a plant, or a tree, or a flower. They know what it promotes – they know the healthy ones from the toxic ones. They also know their origin. That is Deva knowledge, since they not only see it intuitively, but they also have spent many hours studying it.
Often, they will pick a flower or snap a leaf from a tree and taste it.

They also seem to know which ordinary flowers (that we wouldn’t think of) have some sort of consciousness boosting effect. Usually calming, soothing, or psychedelic. It is a way for them to (re)connect to a state of mind where the lines between the physical world and the mystical realms of nature reveal themselves.

I might add, only one I’ve met hadn’t tried DMT at a very young age. They recognize cannabis obviously as a great medical plant, but they do not really fancy cannabis as a way to trip. I met one who did, though.


On another walk.
This little dog came by, she started to giggle from her heart, and the dog got dizzy of excitement from spinning around in pure joy. The walk was in Spain – the owner was English – and she dropped her jaw. “I don’t understand,” she said out loud. “It never wants to deal with other people and most of the time it also just ignores me.”

The person I was walking with said to her, “Yes, it is sad because you are always sad.” The lady was stunned again, and said, “What is this? I got it soon after I lost my husband.”
It is my experience that The Crystal-Eyed People rarely go into that framework of being therapeutic so she didn’t address that, but she sat down, took the dog’s head between her hands, and healed it.

Then she got up and walked away, and I had to hurry.
“Such a sweet soul that dog has,” she said. “It is sacrificing its joy of life to align to the mood of its owner.” And she said a couple of times, “Such a sweet soul that dog has,” as our walk continued.

Some of the Crystal-Eyed I’ve met work in animal healing and communicating. This Crystal-Eyed didn’t.


They understand it very well and they can be loyal to a fault, seen from a mundane perspective. But they fight for their romantic partner and keep seeing the value in that, which often leads to them having to sacrifice some of their romantic and practical ideas of being in a romantic relationship.

You do not have to help them with that and tell them they need to get out of it.
They will eventually but they leave no stone unturned.
It is not an unhealthy detachment – they just take a bit more time to “give it up.”
If it comes into the nasty framework, such as they feel belittled, treated with verbal or physical abuse, they are out of the door instantly, so in that sense they don’t need your intervention. They have their boundaries, which are just a bit more stretched.
Also a Deva characteristic: They just love.
They do not fool around and they would never be unfaithful. And if you have one by your side, it will end your relationship if you do. The Deva Warrior shows.

Purpose and longing

They often don’t know why they are here and they all want to go “Home.”

Not in a suicidal way, but they often get what many refer to as depressed. Not a clinical depression but more of a persistent state underneath their “easygoingness.” Their inner life has many currents and tides, but they surf very skillfully as the years teach them not to avoid that melancholic but embrace it and not to stay underwater.

They have a cosmic blueprint, and often refer to the Universe, not like in “The Universe will provide” but they know beyond any doubt that the Universe is their true home and that is what sparks their longing, sadness, and melancholy.

In order to get out of these emotions, the best healing spot is being with nature, around plants and animals, and you will have to tell them many times that they do belong here in this life.

Some find their purpose very late in life and as said often working with animals, plants, or nature. Some pursue a creative career. Another common thing they have, is that they are very skilled in many things creatively. They can sing, play, compose, paint, write and the list is long and its hard for them to pick one out and pursue only that.

Their metaphysical purpose is raising the awareness of Gentleness towards all living, raising mundane awareness that all life is sacred and just: Love.

Emotional honesty

They always smile from their hearts. They wear no masks. They are very naked that way.
They can’t put on a happy face if they are sad or something bad happens.

On another level: There are never mixed signals. Their body language is fully in sync with their emotional state of mind. No painting a worried face with a smile here.


They are very sensual as a whole and sensuality here goes in all directions as in: Towards nature, sights, smells, sounds. Often they are a bit hypersensitive to the openness of their way of sensing this world they have touched upon.

They like sexuality as they also see it as a self-exploration, diving deep into their sensuality.

They don’t mind sex for the sake of sex – just being physical – but it’s on top of their hit list to embed their extended sensuality in it. They see it as merging with the soul they love on a deeper level by default.

They are not gender-bending, but rest very well in their feminine or masculine pole and they are highly into men being masculine and women being feminine as an opposite to their own gender, so sparks can fly and the merging of the feminine and masculine can create great sensual alchemy.

The Crystal-Eyed People are not just women – there are also men. Some of the characteristics I have touched upon we can see as feminine traits. The men I have met don’t see it solely as that and I agree with them.

Social Confusion

They don’t understand why people are treated poorly among each other and they definitely don’t understand why they ever should be “Nobody People” and “Somebody People” and why the control system should have any at all influence in telling populations what or what not they can eat, think, or feel.

They do not understand feudal religion and they can be sucked into New Age Deceptions, but eventually they are like sniffer dogs in a crack joint to spiritual control. When they get a scent of spiritual power trips they disengage amazed at such a thing even has a walk on this planet.

A touch of introvert

They do not thrive well in imposed groups and they do not plug into the hive mind of such. They can accept them as a part of going on a retreat if so, workspace, necessary grouping for the practicality of it. They often walk away from clichés group activities like: “We need to get really close here. Let’s do some African drum dancing and really let it all out”. They will go to their room and search for an airplane ticket home, asap.

They spot what often is the fakeness in such sensitivity drills, but why shouldn’t they? They already have the real sensitivity and find little value in more or less artificial “Come to know each other” activities.

That is just one example, but it should give an idea to why others could label them as shy in the wrong place and such. They are not. But the side effect of that is that they often end up thinking they must be introverts or having poor social skills. They don’t. They just can’t deal with what they see as false: “All of us in this group luuuve each other – we are a luuuving tribe.”

They think: If you’re interested in who I am – just ask me and I will tell you. Like I will ask you.
“Too much fuss about nothing, really,” they feel.

I hope I have provided you with how to spot them.
If you do: Be as good to them as they are to you, they are beyond any kind of manipulation.
They see it instantly.

I heard a cool remark in a movie I watched yesterday where some coalminers were hired to clean up a dangerous environmental mess.
The man who oversaw the hiring gave this advice: “Just be honest with them – they are used to working in the dark: They see everything.”

The Crystal-Eyed People are used to working in the light. So, do they.

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