The Danish Covid (Cluster 5) Mink Mutation Is Based on Deception

November 7, 2020

Note: Google Translated
Pic: Danish PM

Henrik Qvortrup on mis-information about mutation:

All mink must be killed in Denmark, and seven municipalities in North Jutland have been closed down. This is Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s defense against the mutation of coronavirus, which is said to oppose an upcoming vaccine and has spread to humans.

But now several professors with whom Berlingske has spoken say that the mutation has in all probability already become extinct, and that 17 million mink killed for no reason.

A new piece of information that BT’s political editor, Henrik Qvortrup, sees as extremely explosive for the Prime Minister.

“If this holds true, then something may indicate that we have spun a story up our sleeve,” says Henrik Qvortrup.

The professors that Berlingske has spoken to have found out that there has not been a case of the mutation, Cluster 5, since September, and that it has already become extinct with 99.4 percent certainty.

If the professors’ calculations and statements hold, Henrik Qvortrup believes that the whole basis for the alarm mood that the government created in connection with the closure of municipalities in North Jutland and the killing of all mink in Denmark is gone.

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But who cares:

Britain CLOSES its borders to Denmark over mutant mink coronavirus outbreak

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