Lawrence – The DEA & The Assassination Of Common Sense

September 2, 2016

I took this quote from one of many articles I’ve been reading about the plant medicine called kratom: “A patient requiring constant medication is, from a business standpoint, preferable to people getting pain relief from a plant.”

The list of things we can’t do according to the law is getting longer and longer. In a month another will be added to the list. I’d just like to give the readers a head’s up on what’s going on in the US, within our strangely backward drug enforcement agency (DEA).

We all rise to the cause of life and truth, and we serve however we can. On the activist level we’re fighting for the earth, the people, the clean water, the air, the food, the animals, and the plant medicines. We’re standing up against the anti-life forces in increasing numbers and we’re winning in some areas… slowly and surely people are becoming aware, taking a stand, and sometimes turning the tide.

A few days ago, without any expert or public consultation of any sort, the DEA made kratom, which I use for relief from chronic hip pain, illegal. Imagine that – going to prison for using kratom. They probably won’t focus on jailing old white ladies; they’ll just eliminate access to it.

The DEA has long been working to restrict plant medicines, herbal products, and anything effective that the pharmaceutical companies are unable to profit from. In a month, kratom will be a Schedule-1 substance… deemed as dangerous; a public health menace with no medical use. It is made from the leaf of a tree similar to the coffee tree, and like most plant medicines it has been used for a long time. In its unadulterated powder form it is an excellent pain reliever. Since I began using kratom nearly a year ago, I’ve been able to stop taking the synthetic opiate Tramadol.

I decided to do some testing myself, just to see if the fear mongering about kratom is true or untrue, so I have stopped taking it for a few days every month. There were no withdrawal symptoms. The only thing that I experienced was the return of pain and the need to go back to taking my ‘safe’ Tramadol.

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