The Despicable Paedophile Priest

September 24, 2018

She was just 13 years old and a concert violinist prodigy when, wearing priest’s clothing, John Philip Aitchison first raped her in the church after playing the cruellest of tricks on her.

Georgie Burg was a talented but vulnerable girl when the paedophile priest raped her on a church pew after violin practice.

Aitchison had sexually assaulted other children before he deliberately targeted Georgie, and his abuse would later make her abandon an international soloist career.

The trick he played to get her close enough to pounce on her was both calculated and cynical.

Aitchison told Georgie that he could make God materialise her beloved pet dog, which had been killed in an accident for which Georgie blamed herself.

It was just one of many betrayals.

Georgie would be abandoned by everyone including her own mother and Aitchison would get away with molesting children until she found the strength to put him in jail.

Even then until the last minute, church officials were promoting John Philip Aitchison as a trusted man of God and encouraging him to be with children.

The story of this despicable paedophile priest most people have never heard of, who molested children as young as seven, is also one of three different churches protecting him.

Right up until his imprisonment, as recently as 11 days after he was found guilty of repeatedly raping Georgie — he featured at a major Sydney church event promoted as “child friendly”.

In truth, former Anglican Deacon Aitchison, now aged 67, has been sexually and indecently assaulting little girls and boys since about 1969.

But assisted by the church and the justice system, Aitchison has managed to fly under the radar as he destroyed children’s lives.

In a string of court trials, judges have let him off gently dealt with probation or bonds.

One judge sympathetically described his “psychological imbalance”, denied he was a paedophile and doubted the evidence of his child victims.

It was only in August, that Justice Michael Elkaim of the ACT Supreme Court declared Aitchison “unquestionably a paedophile”.

In an almost unprecedented judgment, Elkaim cited Georgie’s description of Aitchison as a “casual, commanding, authoritarian, and coolly arrogant” sexual abuser of children.

At the time of the verdict she could not be named, but Georgie Burg has decided to tell her story and reveal her identity for the first time.

As Georgie Burg says, “He dehumanised me.

“And he got away with it for so long.

“I’ve been told I’m his eighth victim, but I know there are other victims out there.”

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