The Diversity Wars – Revisited

May 9, 2021

I wrote this a couple of years ago (2018).
Things sure seem to have panned out that way.

The manufactured and contrived call for diversity that rides the western hemisphere like a madman on performance enhancing drugs is a self-contradictive mind game. The purpose is nothing but to divide and conquer. They do not want diversity – they want us all to think, talk and feel alike. They want us to lose our True North.

The focus seems to be on skin color and sex, and that in itself shows how shallow the call is. We are so much more than the bloody color of our skin and our sexual orientation.

They tolerate no diversity of thought, no diversity of feeling, no diversity in free speech and no diversity in understanding and deciphering collective events.

That is what makes this call for diversity a dangerous, misplaced joke that’s tired of laughing; since the promotors of the Diversity War want a single-minded society that pushes people to feel guilty about themselves for being white, for being hetero, for being Christian, and what have we, and enter a state of: Repressive Tolerance.
So will we if we can’t provide the staying power to our inner compass.

We see good people now excusing their skin color in public (white), their gender (men), and their spirituality (Christian).

The Diversity War Party is pushing people with mainstream political ideas to the far right, since it’s the only place they find resonance by not having to plug into Repressive Tolerance. I’m taking about opinions and perspectives that were considered normal before they decided to move the goal posts all of a sudden. It causes further polarization, and that’s exactly what they want.

The Diversity War Party is pushing people to promote their gender or blur it out, and that’s exactly what they want.

A very angry overseen little ego-person, is still a very angry overseen little ego-person whether that person be:
Gay, Black, Woman, Man, White, Cross eyed. Crossgender and whatnot.
But, suddenly – that’s the ticket to be biased, resentful and for the free flow of hate?

Whats also troubling here is that the Control System have managed to pity people against people in the construct of an ‘offended ready’ society. Its promoting hate speech as a good and a very cool thing if the purpose is to enforce their  diversity agenda further, while banning it when it’s: Whoa, hold your horses.

I used to consider myself liberal, not so much in the political term of that word, but more as a way of dealing with the different aspect to life and the people in it. I have a liberal approach to life: Live and let Live. Be gay. Be black. Be Yellow. Be a happy crossgender Eskimo – have fun.

But damn if I’ll ever allow the system to stuff down my throat what I should consider to be: Diversity.
We have a bloody compass – Society have not, it only has its fake stars.
Hollywood celebs seeing themselves as intellectuals  who in fact are pretty scarce as goes for cognitive energy, while moving in herds to show that they are trying to be as diverse as possible all  posing  a fine display of their shallow antics.
So insecure on their own.

On a political scale I understand I am right wing!
Naaa. But the pushing and advertising of a society without moral boundaries, is just too much to handle for my little soul, see. I never considered myself: Political. But every bloody statement one makes, is being taken as political.
Clever mind and intention bending.
The pointers of our political identification is swiftly being pulled from under our feet, so if you used to be easy going sort of in the middle – you are now far right. Not of choice but by manipulation of the same pointers.
Do not allow them to label you this way.

Politicians, who claim they are Liberal are Communist and anyone who says that out loud, is a Right Wing Fascist asshole.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – Just another power hungry self serving lying narcissist with no self awareness.

Lines getting really blurred and it’s important that we keep our Zen – and stick to our compass, our True North and we don’t allow the de-evolution to tell us how to think and feel and apply hateful labels on our backs.

Another question: When did Facebook and Twitter become the Authority on anything?
I want no part in what some anonymous being thinks of this and that, us and this world, hiding their teenage angst and overseen egos under the bravery of being out of range, while popping their hormonal pimples.
‘Shitstorms on Twitter’ – why give a shit? The #wars and the stoning in public places. Back to the Middle Ages dynamics of angry subhuman beings trowing stones, now #’s at anyone who dares contradict the random meme of the Day.

I understand they call themselves: Woke.
Pretty much surfs on the: Awake, doesn’t it.
Clever distortion.

Reverse Racists is exactly what they would like to us into, who are supposed to feel sorry by default for people based on their color, and origin. Repressive liberal racism. Victimizing people never gives them any real power.

SELF empowerment doesn’t need any victims, on the contrary.
You just cant self empower on the expense of others, its a contradiction. A no-go. A dead end street. A lie.
That is the sniper on the rooftop taking down genuine spirituality whatever you are into.
So it’s all about EGO power, while claiming that is for the common good. Well, it ain’t.

The Diversity War Party wants a war with people like us that have nothing against diversity, but who prefer to draw the boundary themselves and not have it dictated to them.

The Diversity War Party doesn’t understand we have no problem with differences.

The Diversity War Party wants to stuff it down our throats, revealing their true agenda – they want you scared of your own opinions, your own better judgement and of your own ethics.

The more they push the more they will radicalize the resentment of having the diversity agenda forced upon us.
So it’s pretty dumb – or precisely the Agenda.

It’s a trap – I will not give them the war they crave. But I will keep my sword sharpened.

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