The Divine Feminine and the Power to Change the World

January 27, 2020

The most basic listing of the divine feminine indicates instantly what is missing on the world stage right now. The leading qualities of the feminine are

Mothering, the source of tenderness, affection, nonjudgmental acceptance, and nurturing.

Abundance, the freely given gifts of food and water supplied by the earth.

Beauty in every form.

Sexual charm and attraction.

Inspiration, in the form of intuition, insight, and the muses that inspire art and music.

Peace, the impulse to live as a family in harmony.

If the ancient Greeks, Indians, and Chinese could identify and express all of the qualities, not to mention valuing them as divine attributes, how advanced are we who turn our backs on them? There is a concerted call for more women leaders because the rampant behavior of out-of-control masculine energies cannot be tolerated any longer. But the whole point of calling feminine energies divine is that they apply to everyone.

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