The Future Never Ends

October 9, 2020

Dear Reader.

Have a Fine weekend.
I decided to unplug most and enter the Field Of The Christ over the next 3 days.
As you probably are aware of, music can catapult you there.

This first one sets the soul right into a frequency of beauty – holy – humble,
what else is there to do but cry…it flushes your soul.

Echoes, propably is the most mestaphysical tune out there.
The fight between good and evil.
Think of the first Guitar Solo’s (4.32…) as the eternal longing and perseverance in a warriors heart.
Think of the eerie middle part as the time we are in now.
Ending in a fanfare and into the light we go.
The future never ends….That is the key to our victory.

Be Safe and Feel Loved
© 2020 Soren Dreier – Services


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