The Germans are Sick of Migrant Violence

September 5, 2018

Imagine being a migrant in Germany, the country that gave you safety, housing, and a new future. The first thing that most people would like to learn is how to say thank you.

But for a lot of migrants from Muslim majority countries it’s a different story. They are mainly demanding, unemployed and easily offended.

It’s the opposite of what Germans expect from people who receive almost everything for free. It can be seen as a recipe for disaster, as their self-centred egoistic behaviour isn’t appreciated in a country of hard workers.

As Germany took a massive number of Muslim migrants into their country, the disaster is now unfolding with sexual assaults, stabbing attacks and honour crimes dominating the news.

In a Stone Age honour culture the only way to defend yourself when losing an argument is by physically attacking someone. A lawyer even defended one of his clients with comparable arguments recently.

The people who were lucky enough to survive a stabbing attack all witnessed the same: These migrants can’t deal like adults with verbal opposition and barely have any self-reflection. Their only ‘weapon’ is their aggression.

Of course a modern society can tolerate such behaviour for a pretty long time as civilised people believe the state will protect them.

But what if the violence comes predominantly from the same group of people? Especially from that same group that should say thank you instead of being demanding and unemployed?

Germany’s situation with migrants has simply gone too far for a lot of people. A lot of Germans have lost their faith in the government, the establishment, and the media.

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