The Great Escape

August 21, 2019

This is the second pig to have trotted into a British-run rescue centre on the Costa Blanca.

The Olive Press reported last month how ‘Rupert’ ran 3km from the ‘filthy, dirty shed’ where he was living into the Easy Care Horse Rescue Centre near Torrevieja.

The clever pig trotted in ‘as if he knew where he was going’ in what Easy Care owner Susan Weeding could only describe as ‘a nearly impossible feat’.

But that feat was repeated when last month Penelope the pot-bellied Vietnamese pig turned up ‘completely out of the blue’.

Susan admitted she has ‘no idea’ how far this one has travelled in search of freedom.

“Obviously someone has been watching Babe, or maybe flicking through the pages of George Orwell’s Animal Farm – the pigs are rising!” Susan told the Olive Press.

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