The Hadron Collider and Gaia’s Helper

May 1, 2016

The largest and most powerful atom smasher on the planet has been taken offline. And it’s all thanks to a little weasel.

According to internal documents, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, a 27-kilometre underground ring used to collide particles at nearly the speed of light, is experiencing some issues.

“I can confirm that we had some issues overnight with electrical trouble,” CERN spokesperson Arnaud Marsollier told New Scientist. “We suspect it might be due to a small animal.”

The culprit, a fatally curious weasel, was zapped to a crisp after chewing on a power cable. The weasel’s tragic snacktime caused a power outage throughout CERN.

This isn’t the first time a long, furry animal has adventured into the tunnels of a powerful particle accelerator.

Felicia the Ferret, who is somewhat of a low key celebrity in the physics community, was used to help physicists clean 91-metre (300-foot) pipes in particle accelerators at Fermilab, a particle physics laboratory in Illinois. Felicia, it turns out, was much more lucky than the poor, furry sap at the LHC.

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