The Haunted Oakabella Homestead

May 1, 2018

A tourist attraction in the Western Australian countryside has been forced to reconsider its marketing strategy in order to make itself less scary to potential visitors.

The previous owners of the Oakabella Homestead – built in 1851 and located just north of Geraldton – once cashed in on the site’s title as the most haunted building in the state.

Ghost tours and spine-chilling stories seemed befitting of the site’s eerie history, which saw multiple deaths including that of a three-year-old child and a worker who shot himself.

But new business owners Belinda Turner and Brian Snelson are trying to shake off the ghosts of the past, ABC News reports, as they believe they’re scaring off too many tourists.

‘There are some articles we have read online and it is quite interesting to read the feedback,’ said Ms Turner.

‘Not everyone is into ghosts and that was definitely portrayed in the Facebook comments.

‘People will not come here if they think it is haunted so that is why we are bringing it back to the history.’

The new business model will aim to portray Oakabella Homestead less as a haunt of unruly spirits and more a place of endless horizons and rich Australian history.

Stargazing, campfires and traditional bush tucker are just a few of the things in the revamped purview.

‘We ourselves are more passionate about the history side of things,’ said Mr Snelson.

‘The spiritual ghost side of things is something we are a bit less believing in.’

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