The Hopi Star Children

August 23, 2021

Many Native American tribes like the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo believe extraterrestrial beings visited Earth. Often, we see depictions of Star Beings on ancient petroglyphs.

Lesser known are the stories about Star Beings, who mated with human women, and the Star Children. After raising the children to the age of six, the people from the sky returned. Then, all traces of the Star Children disappeared. However, in other cases, Star Children remained to live their lives as tribal elders.

Hopi Star Children Left Behind

According to Brian Burkhart, a professor of American studies at California State University:

“The stories of Star Children are quite common in native culture. There can be quite a variety of forms of that sort of thing as well. But typically, there’s a star and a human being joined together and a child is born from that union,” Burkhart says.

When the child reached age six, the tribe knew the visitors from the sky could return for them. If not, they would sometimes become tribal elders, even at a young age.

According to author Logan Hawkes, who wrote Ancient Aliens of the Americas:

“…some Star Children are left behind to become interwoven into the tribe. A lot of them later in life become elders, even at a very young age. And, that’s because they are believed to carry the ability or the knowledge to heal the Earth,” says Hawkes.

According to the Hopi legend, the Star Children are here to repair the Koyaanisqatsi, which means a world out of balance or “life of moral corruption and turmoil.”

“The Hopi believe the Earth is out of cantor. It’s not balanced any longer, and it’s the Star Children who live among the Hopi who advise even the elders on how to put the Earth back into balance again,” says Hawkes.

The Arrival of the Blue Star

One day, the Star Children will prepare people for the arrival of the Blue Star, a house in the sky, and the Kachina, a spiritual messenger. For Ancient Astronaut theorists, it’s a reference to the return of the extraterrestrials.

The Hopi name for the star Sirius is “Blue Star Kachina.”

According to a Hopi Elder named White Feather of the Bear Clan, the Blue Star is a “dwelling place in the heavens” that crashes to Earth. Afterward, the Kachina, the Saquasohuh, will remove his mask during a sacred dance in the village plaza.

Immediately, the arrival of the Kachina will mark the end of the Fourth World.

Ancient Origins notes the Kachina is “analogous to angels in the Christian religion.” Following this event, a period of war, destruction, and purification will lead to the beginning of the Fifth World. Then, the survivors will finally live in peace and harmony with Mother Nature.

The Hopi Origin Story

As you may know, the Hopi and other Pueblo peoples believe they emerged from life underground. Then, when it was safe to go back to the surface, they met Maasaw, the planet’s caretaker.

At that moment, the caretaker instructs the people to care for the Earth, a gift to humankind.

Thereafter, the tribe dispersed across the planet to find the “Center Place.” Interestingly, as the tribes migrated in different directions, they left a spiral petroglyph behind to mark where they traveled.

As they cared for the planet, they were to watch for a great sign in the sky. When the tribe saw the symbol, it would mark the Center Place. One day, they arrived in the American Southwest after seeing a bright light in the sky.

Now, awaiting the Blue Star Kachina, it seems as if the cycle will repeat, or perhaps has yet to happen in the future?

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