‘The Instant Recovery Was Nothing Short of a Miracle’

July 14, 2020

My father had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and been getting chemotherapy treatment for 3 years. Recently, he had a bad reaction to a chemo drug and wound up back in hospital. Shortly thereafter, he was struck down with pneumonia and taken to the intensive care unit. The doctors were asking the impossible questions like, if he cannot breathe with the oxygen mask, does he want them to put a tube down his throat? And if his heart stops, does he want them to perform CPR? He said No to both questions, trying to make me understand that he doesn’t want to suffer. Truly heartbreaking stuff. I said that I understood his wishes but he cannot give up yet.

In the midst of despair I found hope in Soren once more.

Having previously experienced Soren’s ability for remote healing personally; he makes a physical impact in real time. 

I email Soren – so casually he replies: Sure, what’s up with Dad? And goes in for the emergency healing. 

The instant recovery was nothing short of a miracle. 

Within a day he was able to come off the breathing mask and was breathing on his own. He was moved out of ICU ward to a private room and his hair had even started growing back! I haven’t seen him so full of life and enthusiasm, telling me wild stories about fishing for hours. 

The next morning he was able to come home and see the grandchildren. 

What a joy! 

I know if I had not have contacted Soren, he would be a goner for sure. 

Spiritual Preach:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Maybe we will find there’s more to life than the physical reality of our bodies and material possessions gathered along the way. Even if taking the scientific approach to learn: Nothing is solid. Nothing is permanent, discards the concept of I, me and mine, we might become closer to Truth. If the idea of being Special, or better than, creates separation, we might go the other way and Embody the whole. At the end of days if we can go towards peace, in knowing we are immortal.

Something Sacred, something humble will meet us half way, on our journey home. 

In Love and Gratitude,


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