The Assassination Of Your Extrasensory Perception

January 6, 2018

Psychic powers or extra sensory perception: Is not “extra”, it’s our basic ability.

We come with Extrasensory Perception and have the potential to use it.
So it’s basic: “BSP” –Basic Sensory Perception. It´s the five senses that are “extras”. These have to be learned and conditioned into us by society.

It’s easy for society to manipulate the five senses. Behavioral psychology has taught us that. Nasty experiments have proven that a child can be easily be tricked with the belief that the feeling of cold can be altered into the feeling of warmth. The perception of the taste of sour can be falsified so the child thinks the taste is sweet. And so, can we.
It’s all mind games and tricks. Covid-19, anyone?

What we pick up on the five senses is conditioned by society’s need of a common conception of what is good and bad, pleasant or unpleasant, based on the deciphering of the sensory systems as for the troubles in Fear City. In other words: They would need us to sense the same so: Nothing stands out. We won’t see the tricks.

The Cosmic senses (ESP) cannot be manipulated that way, which could be a reason for the worship and fear of them. The reason they cannot be manipulated that way is because they are vertical. They go up into the celestial or cosmos or whatever we want to call it.

The five senses are horizontal. They go out in a flat line, deciphering surroundings. Cosmic senses also do that, but this remains hidden until we pick them up as a skill – exactly what the System fears …

“Yes, I think this politician seems pleasant. He looks good. Talks nicely and says what soothes me. Yet I have this funny feeling, that behind all that, he’s really nasty. No, I’d better dodge that impulse and go vote for him.”

If you didn’t read or hear that he was nasty and had no presumptions, that would be your cosmic sense kicking in. Please listen, because you are taught not to trust it.

The five senses are fear infused into most people through the poles of pain or pleasure, through upbringing, through the school system and through our adult lives.

So to get the cosmic senses up and running, we would need to de-program the nervous system, which holds the key to that. The System Of Fear knows it. That’s why they are selling fear programming like backyard heroin via the media in every shape and form.

Stress induces the nervous system and makes it crack. Stress is so powerful that it alters even the five senses into misconceptions. People on high alert stress cannot seem to find the right “soul”-utions to every day challenges.
The System of Fear knows that and they use it!

Remedy: Unplug the media war blitz on your psyche. That’s doesn’t necessarily mean avoiding it but rather detaching the programming within it. Then, study the anatomy of fear. Putting our head in the sand never helped anybody. By observing, we become “media street smart”.

It can be fun looking at the hype in the brainwashed highly paid (wonder why?) news drones from this viewpoint. They morph into funny cartoon figures and side effects: They lose their power and when they do they become more and more frantic. “Please trust me while I scare your cosmic software to Drone City.”

If the nervous system is overcharged, we do not have the luxury of using our cosmic senses since they are embedded in the nervous system – the communication grid for the five senses. The nervous system sends signals of interacting with the horizontal world at a tremendous speed, and the computing brain translates these in a state of panic. There’s not much room left to plug-in to the cosmic senses.

That is the true prison of the five senses and also the true prison of ESP.

That is why the debunking the System Of Fear is so essential now. People who do that and get rid of the fear in their nervous system are getting more in touch with their psychic abilities. It can be hard work but they are doing it and getting very clear minded. A clear minded can only exist if the nervous system is free from stress and fear. That’s also part of the shift.

When we release the fear (nervous system) the Kung Fu (cosmic senses) awake from hibernation.

It is obvious to me that we touch down with the cosmic sense morphing at high gear. Babies decipher their surroundings, communicate and are cosmic observers.

If you have intense eye contact with a baby, do you ever feel you are looking into a void that encompassed both detachment and connection at the same time? I have had that sensation and a sense of the celestial as I’ve looked into those infant eyes that has touched me so deeply, I’ve had remind myself to breathe and hold back on the crying. I’d have to leave the room. Well, now I have the courage to cry. Some would like me to think I´m sentimental. C´mon, I know what’s Celestial.

That’s the awe of it, looking into eyes that still holds and shines Celestial Bliss, while trying to perceive the new mundane surroundings. Why is that important, because that is how we all start and end.
The end of this lifetime surrendering once again the same eyes into the Celestial.
That is why they sell the afterlife in terms of punishment.
You should still be afraid – well, bullocks. There is nothing to fear – if you think so – check out your programming and the source of it.
Babies look like old people, just when they arrive – and old people begin to look like babies before the departure – hint.

There are many misconceptions to ESP, cosmic senses or psychic abilities. Many inflated egos prey on that by subjecting themselves to admiration and God-like status – all feeling special because of the “extra” in the sensory perception, and debating whether it’s due to the pineal gland or crown chakra or whatever.
I am not saying it isn’t – it is more the way we are plugged into the Celestial, where we come from and where we are going and what we, each and every one of us is here to manifest.

They do not want the manifestation for obvious reasons, so they have their hired goons, you know the Pope and the Cults and whatnot.

Mediation, a walk in nature or whatever stress release we can find is good for the cosmic senses since it brings the nervous system to rest. I would point to true non sticky love as the ultimate cleanser, before we can re-enter the cosmic layer embedded within it.

Begin the cleansing by realizing this is your potential beneath the programmed fear, the scent of “specialness”, and the Matrix conditioning. So: Be gone with the “Extra”.

You are truly that potential. Time has come to reclaim what was taken from you.

Go Vertical.

© 2021 Soren Dreier  Services

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