The Largest Saharan Dust Cloud in 50 Years Engulfs the Caribbean

June 25, 2020

Massive Saharan dust cloud is engulfing the Caribbean as it heads toward the U.S., with air quality across much of the region falling to record hazardous levels. The phenomenon is described to be the most significant in 50 years, according to environmental health specialist Pablo Mendez Lazaro with the University of Puerto Rico.

The vast cloud of dust, known as the Saharan Air Layer (SAL), has been dubbed “Godzilla dust cloud” by some experts, the Associated Press reported.

“Dust has been flowing off the coast of Africa for several weeks now, which is not uncommon,” AccuWeather senior meteorologist and lead hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski explained.

“But the extent and concentration of dust currently in the Caribbean are by far very impressive.”

“The depth of the dust, as measured in various places, suggests that this is one of the most concentrated areas of dust we have seen in the past several years,” he added, although he acknowledged that dust concentration records are not well established.

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