The Last Post on Facebook

May 4, 2019

This is the last piece I will post about Facebook.
I have covered it enough. See ‘Facebook

It is beyond me why people still stay as customers/subjects/slaves to Digital Plantation owners to be monitored, traded and sold, since that is what you are, and what is going on. Any doubts on that – click the link above.
Staying at some point becomes willful ignorance and a very fine example of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Waking Up and a clear awareness of what is really going on and still directly or indirectly being a subject for Digital Overlords while still supporting them with our presence is wrong. Just plain wrong, because it animates us and others into their belief system of: ‘People are dependent, people are spineless creatures and we have them hooked, even when we abuse them.’

Seen from a spiritual point of view it is a no-go.
Seen from a perspective of ‘Being Awake’ it is a no-go.

Why: Because real life spirituality or genuine spirituality often is a question of sacrifice and with regard to Facebook it is choosing change over convenience.
Spirituality put into action or genuine spirituality often is a question of weaponizing yourself and not get sucked into double standards – in this case: Not taking the abuse and disengage from the easy manipulated herd, choosing comfort over censorship and surveillance. Just walk Away.

Please bear in mind Facebook also is a Government tool to spy on you. Are you really on a sick leave? Are you really married/divorced etc etc, are you into The Awakening (red flagged)  and here comes your insurance company to see if you really had an accident and here comes your former partner to see if you are in a new relationship and so on…

It is, in the neutral, also a sad sight to see that sites who are a part of The Awakening still uses Facebook, the entity that is the front runner in everything they are fighting, with: Join us on facebook – Follow us on Facebook and thereby: Actually promoting Facebook. That is bloody absurd.

There are alternatives to these abusive Digital Overlords.

Facebook apparently has gone on a another ‘banning’ spree.
Clever way to shift focus from Zuckerberg’s privacy issues.

Free Speech, is for everybody, even if we do not agree and no matter how unpleasant radical voices may sound.
I do not think we need anybody to decide what we can read, hear and what we can see and to ‘filter out’ everything that goes upstream on the hype of Political Correctness.
It has in its own surreal way become an expression of Political Correctness to censor and redact for the sake of ‘Political Correctness.’ in an Offended Ready society.

We are witnessing the birth of: The Political Correct Incorrectness, to put it mildly. Another term is: Digital Fascism.

So, maybe ban Facebook from your life or wait for them to ban you and then complain about it?
What do people expect, really? Now, victimizing themselves on account of Zuckerberg, wow.
In what world is it above mildly interesting, what Zuckerberg or his parasitic Entity like or doesn’t like?
Walk Away.

The latest Facebook bans:

Breast cancer ad campaign banned from Facebook for violating nudity guidelines

Facebook purges right-wing provocateurs, other ‘dangerous’ accounts

If we do not stand up to our core beliefs – who ever will?

© 2019 Soren Dreier


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