The Last Solar Eclipse of 2019 Will Create a Beautiful ‘Ring of Fire’ This Week

December 23, 2019

If you live in Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa, you could be in for a treat – you might be in the path of the last solar eclipse of 2019.

On December 26, places such as India, Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and some parts of Australia will be treated to a ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse to end the year and, depending who you ask, the decade as well.

This GIF shows where in the world you should be keeping an eye out for the eclipse. The red dot shows the totality point, and the shadow shows where you can see a partial eclipse.

Unlike the great 2017 solar eclipse that was visible across the United States, this one will leave a little ring of Sun when hitting the point of totality, a type of type of eclipse is called an annular eclipse.

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