The Law of Attraction Needs Your Help

October 20, 2017

Regarding the law of attraction, there are a lot of different angles out there, but few of these mainstream New Age ideas work.

In order to attract or manifest what we want in this life, I think a very good strategy is: Knowing what we really need in order to manifest it.

Some people say we don’t get what we want, we get what we need. Along this line of thinking they avoid a very clear principle: We are the creators of this experience.

What you want, you have to design; you have to tell the Universe, or the Universe can’t manifest it for you. I very much subscribe to the idea that the Universe will provide, but importantly…With No Action there will be No Reaction, since everything is based on the exchange of energy.

If you are not clear about what you need (at the present moment, a lot of people aren’t because they are too locked into confusion without putting things in motion), the Universe will go: “ Ahh, you like to be confused, miserable, lazy,” and it will support that energy for you.

If the state is instead, “I am on the move and I have a clear vision of where I’m heading and what I need,” the Universe will enforce that. Thinking this way, you will dodge the cliché of expecting the Universe to provide everything for you while you just wait.

The strategy is to move forward in line with the blueprint of what you want to manifest by focusing on the bigger picture, and leaving the details to the Universe.

So in times of quiet and distress when you feel a “holding pattern”, it might be a good idea to prepare for times ahead by taking the steering wheel and starting the engine.

There is a way to kick off an inner dialog which makes it clear what we really need and want. I have used it in seminars and in coaching on how to proceed and it has helped people to move on.

The outcome and success of this drill is very much based on not censoring the consciousness by going with the flow as you do it.

The drill is based on the idea that we have three lives within. Only in theory can these lives be separated since they interact and overlap. When these three lives are congruent you are clear on what you want. Sometimes, however, it gets a little messy because they inflate and cloud over each other. For this reason it’s a very good idea to look at them separately.

The three aspects are:

The Physical life. The Emotional life. The Intellectual life.

These are the three embodiments of very different aspects within us, which of course should come together in a beautiful flow to give us the life we want. If there is harmony in the flow, we feel more whole; and conversely, when their interaction is disharmonious, we feel conflicted. In that state it’s difficult to tell the three aspects and their desires apart from each other because they are not aligned, which makes them very hard to deal with.

The drill is simple yet very powerful. The truth of simple things can be very powerful, since it often strikes like lightning.

I´m not saying that this exercise is the truth, but it could provide ‘Your Truth’. We all have our own truth that is according to our needs and how we would like our wishes to unfold.

The Exercise:

Timeframe is 14 days.

Every night before bed make three lists.

– The first list is your physical needs.

Put your needs down on paper like a grocery list. Don’t overthink it and don’t censor yourself. Examples of things to put on your physical needs list are to improve your body, money, home, work etc.

– The second list is your emotional needs: Friends, relationships, self-relationship, love and so on.

– The third list is for your intellectual needs. This includes education and learning to undertake, as well as philosophical and spiritual passions to explore further.

The next morning read through your lists and then tear them up. In the evening, make new lists. Do this for 14 days.

Don’t try to memorise the list. Start from scratch each time.

As the days pass, you will find that the number of topics and wishes on the lists goes drastically down. That’s very good because after 14 days, the lists should show you what you really want. Ask yourself, what kept coming up on your list?

I had a student once who had about 50 wishes on each list. After two weeks of doing this exercise, his number of wishes was down to only four. His emotional list had reduced to a single wish: Peace. Very cool. Through this process he actually found out that instead of working in children’s care in France as he was, he wanted to be a driving instructor in New Zealand. He made it happen, and now he’s in New Zealand.

The exercise kick starts a dialogue between the ego, subconscious and the higher consciousness. This way the ego that either wants it all or too little can silence itself, as can any toxic internal dialogue from your programming which prevents you from asking for what you want.

It also bends the biased matrix blueprint that brainwashes us to believe that there is a standard blueprint for life that should cover it all…

That is the diversity they do not want.

©2017 Soren Dreier

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