The Mysterious Sinus and Blatter ‘Infections’

February 18, 2020

get some emails regarding Sinus and Bladder Infections.

In all cases, the good people with Sinus and Bladder Infections went to the doctor.

All of those with a Bladder Infection had the same result – nothing that indicates a Bladder Infection was in the urine test.

All those with a Sinus Infection had an x-ray which showed no infection. Some of those had an antibiotic cure, but the pain continued so then the doctor went for the x-ray solution.

When people placed in the US, Australia, and South Africa have this more or less in the same week (last week) – it’s synchronicity.

The metaphysical explanation is a bit what I wrote about in: Significantly Disoriented?.
Except none of these people were in that state of mind, but a symptom they also shared is that they felt poorly grounded, sort of detached but in an annoying, unsettling way.

What’s happening is that the Pineal Gland is a bit hard hit right now.
Via the collective Fear Vortex and we know to stay away from that fear and not plug into it. But in many ways it still hits, since these fields just penetrate it, whether we like it or not, and in this case – if we don’t give in to fear and stand our ground, the solid bombardment of it still impacts us, but it isn’t processed and it finds an outlet.

The same principle in WIFI radiation.
We don’t like it; we might not have it in our house, but it still passes through via the transmitting source.


If you experience this, first get checked by your doctor.
If you don’t like that idea and you are into self-medicating, try Oregano Oil and Allicin, Vitamin C and D, and some Zinc and a good Bladder Tea.

My recommendation is: Get it checked first either via an X-ray or a urine test, since it could be the real deal.


The Pineal Gland reacts also to what is going on in the bladder area via the Hara Chakra. I wrote about these connections: Trouble With the Pineal Gland?

If you pay attention during the next 2 weeks, where this will expand, you will also notice that your senses in general are more receptive. You can feel that a group of people stresses your senses – take care of yourself, by protecting yourself and maybe cancel. External noises, too bright lights, and so on can give you a feeling of vulnerability. Practice Self Care.

You can focus during the day on your feet for grounding and be aware that you breathe with your tummy, the deep breath.

Food is medicine. If you are on plant-based foods, eat what comes up from the ground. Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc.
You can search for Kapha food – which is an Ayurvedic approach to grounding foods, no matter your body type.

Walk, swim, dance, or run. 

Watch out a bit for those sweet cravings and comfort foods, the false need for them will only make it worse. Sugar highs don’t last that long.

Better with 80% dark chocolate and all of its health benefits.

Ground yourself.

Take care.

© 2020 Soren Dreier

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