The Never-Ending War Against Vitamin C

March 15, 2016

In her article of February 19, 2016, Denise Dador jumps onto the heavily-populated bandwagon advocating against the utility of vitamin C in treating the common cold, or just about anything else, for that matter. Certainly, I am in no position to question Ms. Dador’s sincerity in writing her article. (But, here’s a ‘dose of reality’ for Ms. Dador)

Perhaps she really believes what she wrote, perhaps she received some directive to write it as one more anti-vitamin C hit piece, or perhaps she was just regurgitating in her own words someone else’s opinion piece. However, any of those scenarios are sad. If she actually thinks her article is truthful, she should strongly consider never writing another “science” article again, as the evidence discounting her anti-vitamin C arguments is enormous, and it is woefully apparent that she made no serious attempt to properly research the issue.

The science on vitamin C is undeniable, yet ‘health specialists’ (lamestream media reporters) ignore the facts

It would only take a few seconds on PubMed or the Google search engine to quickly realize that the use of vitamin C as an antiviral agent is not some fringe, unscientifically-based therapeutic approach. In this article, I will endeavor to give an overview of some of the most pertinent research documenting its enormous value as an antiviral agent, and a sampling of much of this research will be cited at the end of this article for the motivated reader seeking their own scientific substantiation on the benefits of properly-dosed vitamin C.

“Properly-dosed” is certainly the most important consideration in achieving a pronounced antiviral effect from vitamin C ingestion. There is no question that if someone with the common cold or influenza takes one pill or capsule of the typical formulations found in most supplemental vitamin C preparations, it is likely that there will be no discernible positive effect. A prescription blood pressure drug will not significantly impact high blood pressure if 5% or less of the recommended dose is taken, and the same goes for vitamin C in treating any acute viral infection.

Much of the scientific literature on vitamin C “concludes” that it has no positive impact on a certain infection or medical condition even though the given studies used very tiny doses.

What you need to know about infections and the healing power of vitamin C

All infections produce increased oxidative stress where the pathogens proliferate and where their toxic metabolic byproducts are disseminated. This increased oxidative stress accounts for nearly all of the morbidity and symptoms associated with a given infection. Also, when infections are overwhelming, some of their negative impact results from the physical mass or presence of the infection directly impairing normal biomolecules from properly interacting with one another.

And when significant infections have been present long enough, they cause a severe body-wide depletion of vitamin C, effectively resulting in an acutely-induced state of scurvy. Just as classical scurvy is associated with severe infection, severe infection results in a state of scurvy. This very fact makes it apparent that taking sizeable doses of vitamin C with any infection is more than appropriate to help restore the stores than have been depleted. Also, vitamin C is absolutely essential for supporting, strengthening, and optimizing immune system strength.

In both the test tube and in the human body, vitamin C has been clearly documented to kill/inactivate viruses. In fact, there has been no virus treated in the test tube (and there have been very many) that has not been stopped cold by vitamin C.

Dr. Frederick Klenner, well over 50 years ago, cured a wide variety of acute viral syndromes still considered by “modern” medicine to be incurable, including polio and measles. However, he used multi-gram doses of vitamin C and administered those doses parenterally via intramuscular and/or intravenous routes. 57 of 60 polio cases were cured by Dr. Klenner in only three days.

The three other cases needed two additional days of vitamin C to be completely cured.

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