The New Dream of Heaven

June 1, 2020

I had an interesting run in with a ‘climate- change convert’ recently. In her past life, she was an average self-absorbed party girl, fond of her drink (still is), junk food, follower of mainstream trends in fashion, TV, what Soren calls the false-feminine hyena. An average automaton.

Then somewhere along the road, she met a bloke, who much throughout his life had been a subscriber of counter culture fanaticism of whatever trend seems to be in fashion, the mafia, drugs, political ‘isms’ and the latest being ‘climate-change’.

This union with the bloke evelated her from her average hyena automaton status to one of a ‘conscious’ fanatic, an elitist position.  According to them now, they are a powerhouse, catalysts of change for those around them, luring others into their fanatic circle. They are self-proclaimed custodians of Mother Earth.

The girl, recently did her first plant medicine ceremony, she was on quite a ‘high’ following the experience. The goddess plant showed her many things, the most important being, ‘we create our own reality and that to bring changes to Mother Earth, she was entrusted with the responsibility of creating circles, that dream together to create their own reality, collectively.’

This is a typical tale of an average plant medicine participant, who literally has done no work on herself, never studied herself, and according to her knows exactly who she is. Now, she relayed this story to me, in the hope of possibly recruiting me to be a part of a circle of ‘conscious’ fanatics, saving Mother Earth and ‘dreaming’ and doing plant ceremonies together.

I simply said to her, before you can start ‘dreaming’ in ‘conscious’ circles to create heaven on earth, perhaps, try and realize first and foremost, that you live in a Dream of Hell.

As expected, my words went through and out of her ears the moment they were spoken, because she basically has no understanding of the symbolic message of plants. This is one of the reasons that I have distanced myself from these circles, because they are creating more confusion and delusion in this already confusing and complicated realm.

If you have an over inflated ego, plants will often magnify this aspect to bring it to your attention, however, in most cases, people end up misinterpreting it, and as time goes by, an even more grotesque version of them manifests.

The Dream of Hell is best described in Toltec wisdom. The Toltecs believe negative emotions based in Fear, create our present reality, which is the Dream of Hell. The training of Toltec warriors in Teotihuacan (The place where Men became Gods) in Mexico, was a lengthy process of recognizing that Fear is what separates us from our God-force, our true creative potential.

Their training took place over decades, to slowly peel away layers of false and negative impressions they had acquired over the course of their lives, and once they had overcome Fear they awakened the god-force. They were able to create the Dream of Heaven.

The Temple of Kom Ombo in Ancient Egypt carried out a similar training process where participants were made to jump in pools of crocodiles in order to overcome Fear.

Creating our own reality has become a very popular new-age mantra. Positive thinking, affirmations and crystal mania seem to be passed off as easy passages to being a creator. On some level, they are valid, if you focus and direct your attention on something, you indeed manifest it.  What most people don’t realise is that these dreams or wishes come from a place of Fear within them. Fear of not finding love, not having enough money and so on.

For a spiritual warrior, creating your own reality, has to be approached with studying the inner dynamics, in particular, how our emotions create our reality. Fear is projected into us from a very early age, in order to make us conform or behave a certain way. We can study layers of Fear projected in the media constantly. We are informed through our electronic devices about places and people in lands far away who should be feared.

So a dream that is based in Fear, which is our present reality, individually and collectively is indeed a Dream of Hell. Now more than ever is a very good time to study how deeply this penetrates our psyche. The Awakening, literally is becoming aware of our inner reality.

It is a meticulous, thorough and consistent practice on a daily basis to recognize and remove these toxic imprints. It involves a process of withdrawal from the herd mentality. That doesn’t mean that we necessarily cut off all our social ties, but rather, that in our inner reality we start practicing detachment or not identifying with fear based mantras.

Some days ago, I silently wished never to have to deal with a certain unpleasant person in my life. A  moment of clarity made me realise this wish came from the Dream of Hell, it was full of bitterness and resentment.

I had to study and neutralize the negative emotions within me first and foremost and subsequently  my dealings with this person went fine, without bitterness. I wouldn’t say that this new found calmness came from a dream of heaven, but from a place of inner clarity, I nurtured and healed a  childhood wound, an aspect of Fear.

Wars, pandemics, climate-change and food insecurity is further enslaving us into this hellish reality and making us collectively create this Dream of Hell. The new dream or The Dream of Heaven can only be dreamt, once the inner layers of negativity and fear have been successfully removed, individually first and foremost.

The new trendy movements, the circles, really have no power if we unconsciously subscribe to them. This comes from a place of inner laziness, not doing our own work because we have rarely been taught to study ourselves.

The path of a spiritual warrior is a path of a conscious egoist initially. We have to be consciously selfish and study ourselves, work day in and day out on ourselves to awaken the god-force, the creative potential, the Dream of Heaven within us before we can effectively bring productive changes to our outer reality.

Be a conscious egoist first, and not a ‘conscious circle fanatic’.

This is your ticket out of The Dream of Hell.

© Lala Rukh 2020 

Lala is an adventurous Traveller, her conquests have spanned across 6 continents through 115 Countries and territories and counting, that she records through digital art and photography. She is a life long student of the mysteries of the Self, with training in Plant medicine, Energy Healing and Wisdom Tradition of Ancient Egypt.

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