The New Face of Pedophilia

October 30, 2017

Young, charismatic, sometimes famous and so sincere: the new breed of sick paedophiles preying on children are not the grubby old men of the stereotype.

They hang around on the internet rather than public toilets and playgrounds.

They are not obvious creeps with greasy ponytails who a parent could more easily suspect and keep other children away.

The new type of paedophile is often a professional in well paid job with a public profile.

They are TV reporter Ben McCormack, good looking YMCA worker Jonathan Lord, suave father Benjamin Lawson and goofy nanny supervisor Shannon McCoole.

They are jokester and showman, dance teacher Grant Davies, and IVF scientist and rugby union player Michael Quinn.

What they do have in common with the old sleazy image of the paedophile is an absolute and sick obsession with children.

The new face of paedophiles is a sobering reality for their potential victims and their families because they are hiding in plain sight.

As the Sunday Telegraph reported, many paedophiles are under 40 and male, but they come from all backgrounds and occupations and in many cases seem “like really nice guys”.

The running average inmate population in NSW for child sex offenders is around 1500.

These include older men who are serving prison time for crimes they committed against children when they themselves were young men under the age of 40.

Like the late Dennis Raymond Ferguson, who raped children in a hotel room with his partner Alexandra Brooks, or deviant Catholic priest Gerard Ridsdale, they were sinister old men.

But how do parents or even police recognise monsters like Sydney hotel worker Bryan Walter Beattie, who paid as little as $12 to watch live, sexual abuse of Filipino children on Skype.

Beattie — who can be heard on videotapes instructing a Filipino man while children as young as eight years old are raped — did so from the comfort of his Surry Hills, Syndey, lounge room.

The self-confessed gaming nerd was also a member of a private Facebook group for paedophiles who would share child abuse material with each other.

Beattie is of an increasing number of child sex offenders to use online platforms to exploit their twisted desires.

But how do police track them down and bring them to justice?

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