The Positive Void

March 3, 2019

Voids are really not that popular.

I get a number of mails, people telling that they seem to be a bit ‘down’ and feeling a touch of hopelessness.

Such ‘soul searching voids’ can be very interesting, if they are not confused with swimming around in a soup of doubt, which is not very interesting, but sometimes necessary – if we feel sorry for ourselves or we think the navel is the most interesting place in the universe or – and that is a real opportunity for growth:
When we detach from whatever we need to detach from, a void will appear. The flip side of detachment.

We often find ourselves in these voids through life, but they can only be perceived as voids if we somehow have engaged in soul searching, self-development, or in some manner have worked with ourselves on a conscious level.

It seems like when we hit the void at this level, the soul is confused on how to proceed, to take a choice, to “giving it up”, which of course is not the same as “giving up”. When the soul does that it hurts and stings until we can shift perspective on it and find ourselves actually in a natural state of mind.

The void holds great benefits. We seek it through meditation or other techniques. What we seek is the calm and quiet of it, away from the Ego-business in our minds and nervous systems.

So actually, somehow we know that ‘void state of mind’  to be very healing, and maybe we really don’t know: that we´re home, really home in that void.

No grand ego schemes, no attachment – just the silent pulse of being often combined with a quiet like melancholy vibe.

We have many homes in the void during the quest of our lives, and when we finally come home and can rest a while, we might still see the void as a problem. It isn’t. It’s a gift. Often brilliant creativity springs from the Void, so it’s a potential we have. Why not use it wisely?

There’s an esoteric to it and that is, that the ego doesn’t really want us to feel comfortable without its craving and wanting and business. It wants us swimming round in the ego soup of confusion, analyzing that to death in a: ‘ I have very complicated issues here – state of mind. Okay, try dealing with them or swim on and on and on and drown.

Which very well could be and I think it is:
Matrix programming to keep people from the vastness of the void, since that same void is the only place that the consciousness can expand on a spiritual level. The consciousness hasn’t got time for that in ‘ego-business-noisy-Morph City’ and certainly not when its struggling to keep afloat in a soup.

We often confuse the self obsessed soup  with the void.

That’s a mistake that can ignite a clinical depression or abuse of any kind, since the Ego will fill any void with abuse, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, people or what have we on the shelf of Void avoiding commodities.

Really clever Matrix designs here.

The Void can lead to what I like to refer to as a Spiritual Depression, which I think actually is quite necessary in life. Forsaken, forgotten, can`t find the God force anymore- like, state of mind. We often need to remind ourselves – that the God force is in that void and when emotionally stripped down naked we are both very naked to ourselves and the world, that is why we often crave to detach from the world when being in the process of inner sea deep diving. It makes sense, since it is very hard to keep up appearances.

I don’t know any, humbly developed spiritual person who hasn’t looked very deep into the abyss of the positive void and crossed the crying fields under a sapphire sky longing for redemption, love and the seem to be lost: Self.

Every time we walk these fields – our toning gets deeper.

That’s transformation and Voids are not for the faint hearted or geared for spiritual window shoppers. They would go for the soups and insist on spirituality being all about: positive thinking, ladidah and rapture.

A good way of dealing with the spiritual soul level voids is to embrace them, since we cannot change what we don’t acknowledge and the change would be to look at them as a gift and an opportunity to evolve. When we come out of them, we certainly seem to understand their impact.

In the Voids, warriors bite the dust, yet they rise from it.

Preparing the soil for the next personal expansion by flushing the deep realms of the soul. Basically its cleaning out the closet mechanics of old detachments and that hurts when the void is the deeper emotional realm of our being.

© 2019 Soren Dreier

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