The Realm Beyond the Soul

October 22, 2018

We all have a place inside where we can disintegrate and go stealth, and we guard that by maintaining the perimeters of it, so it is not easily penetrated from the outside, and maybe that’s a good thing in this world right now.

Our need for privacy expands in sync with people getting more and more self-obsessed with exposing their lives on social media. Social media emerged by tapping into the constant need for validation. Nothing more and then it grew monstrous. People gave up on privacy in order to feed the reward center in the brain.

It is very narcissistic, and I guess it has to be, in a self-obsessed narcissistic world where the Matrix has its scope on everything and apparently ‘wants’ it all out there, while the Matrix itself covers behind a smokescreen of fake transparency. Nothing we see from the Matrix is really solid. It is a lie that poses as transparency.

Having said that, being born into the Matrix, we obviously have the same ‘distortion and that is why we seek to evolve and penetrate those false layers that we also have. We kind of got infected, didn’t we? So the more we get rid of the ‘false’ us and enter our source code, which is the Core, there seem to be multiple treasures hidden, that we, ourselves really didn’t know of.

And that is the rapture, yes people get that feeling, high on awakening, discovering more and more ‘truth’ within ourselves, no matter if it’s spiritual or mundane.

I have a problem dividing this world into, who’s spiritual the right way and who’s not spiritual at all, since there is enough division in this world already, but to penetrate within oneself the final perimeters and to enter that sacred undistorted place inside, really requires a touch of spirituality, since we have to: ‘Step out of ourselves to go in’.
Also to realize that there really is no inside or outside. It is all perception.

It always seems to be an infinite loop: Perceiving the outside as the inside and the inside as the outside – it is not actually so, but the loop provides a dissolvent of the inside and outside Matrix.

Vangelis says: “You´re a galaxy and I´m a galaxy” and he is spot on right, we are. Sometimes in meditation and visualization we can enter our being so deeply that we see ourselves at a quantum level.

I have a very strong memory of some years ago, I was teaching at a weekend seminar where I took the same approach as Vangelis – synchronistically enough, the music for that seminar was solely Vangelis. His ‘1492′, is an outstanding tool for inner and outer traveling also because of its repetitive patterns.

So I had thirty students on the floor on mattresses and while guiding them trough a ‘space travel’ I said, go inside now and find the galaxies. And this lady started crying the cool and dissolvable way and she said: “I have the milky way inside my left shoulder” – and she had. The moment she said that everybody in the room knew and felt it. Not by the power of suggestion, but as their own reality.

So what is it?

I’ll describe it very logically and avoid the rapture and grand gestures that it normally triggers.

This story sheds some light on it:

Carl Jung once met Carl Jung in a meditation/dream.
Carl Jung dreamt he was in a house. He had to go through multiple rooms (the perimeters) and he felt he needed to go to the top floor (higher self).

After some struggling Jung found himself in front of an attic door. It was old and worn (his origin). He opened the door and saw himself sitting on a wooden chair in deep meditation. He reacted with panic and silently closed the door in great fear of waking the meditating version of him up.

He later explained that he feared that if he woke the meditating version of himself up – Carl Jung in both manifestations would dissolve and cease to exist. Also as a soul. I quote from memory so please forgive: “That I saw God meditating on me and if I awoke God, I would dissolve and be no more.”

The feeling of warmth and safety levels out the feeling of fear of dying. But die you will have to, in order to penetrate the last perimeter.

There are two levels of fear of death.

The first is obviously to die physically. I can honestly say, I have never been afraid of that.

Then there’s the more metaphysical death witch is much more concerning, because it doesn’t seem like an illusion, since it covers all our vehicles. When we die the mundane way, we only lose the physical.

In the metaphysical realm we lose it all, or so it appears: The physical, the emotional and the intellectual and the spiritual, meaning we will have to face the danger of our souls going out like: Puff. Like Jung felt.

Hard to imagine but a metaphysical reality. I think, in all modesty, that one has to have been there or very close to grasp the concept of it. It makes sense that so many seek the hidden treasures of this world on an outside scale and often put their lives on the line in order to find it. The realm beyond the Soul.

Be safe.

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