The Sacred Healing Vortex Of Easter

April 1, 2021

At Easter the collective field gets very dense. A collective sadness manifests and it surrounds the planet like a grey mist. The reason is the collective grief from millions of believers moaning the betrayal and torture of Christ. 

When so many people do that in sync, it has an effect.

At Christmas it’s the opposite. It’s a collective joy manifested by the same spirituality. In its purest form, it has nothing to do with the Matrix-revenue Christmas hype, but they feel a joy in the heart. ( The Uplifting Dynamics of Christmas )

It can impact your mood so you might pick up the Easter blues without knowing it. Sensitive people can feel it and find themselves in a sort of Melancholy, Anger or detached mode. It´s actually not them manifesting these emotions but they blend and merge in the loop we are plugged into between the ether, unified field and our consciousness and hearts.

A good way to distance yourself and detach from the collective vibe is to actually just know that it’s there, and it is not you suddenly getting weary without any explanation or course as a reference to your life. We´re so much more sensitive, in a good way, to the collective and sometimes we are sensitive in an ‘oversensitive’ manner, which means that the nervous system needs to ‘time out’.

I see it as a fact in spiritual development and thereby in the emotional development, since I don’t differ those, that many are somehow in a pulse with the spiritual antennas opened and maybe taking too much of the suffering of this world on their shoulder.

It is a very delicate balance: Carrying the weight of the world on one’s shoulder and not being insensitive to it. We have to find the emphatic middle ground and try to cover that as good as we can.

Since I don’t subscribe to ‘spiritual elitism’ I’m okay with people stating: “Yes, I´m spiritual: I’m Catholic, Hindu or Muslim” or “Yes, I´m spiritual, I go mushrooms, reincarnation and I don’t believe in religion in a box or need some mediator between me and God.”

There’s a more mystical frequency to this collective suffering that you can use. You can thrive on the vibe. I´ll introduce a way to use it as a way to open up to the healing fields of Easter.

The crucifixion, and I will only focus on the metaphysics of it, brought about the mystery of Stigmata. The wounds of the Christ. They also introduced Stigmata to the western hemisphere, since it already was well known in the orient. Not as a result of a cruel sacrifice or as the result of a holy life but the energetics of it. ‘The West-Church merged with the East-Church’ as goes for the more esoteric knowledge of chakras and their metaphysical impact on those who already were familiar with them.

As mentioned in: ‘Be a Mystic…‘ there really isn’t that much divergence between the esoteric traditions in the Western mystical enlightenment and the Eastern. I´m not talking about religion, I´m talking about the understanding of the energetic fields, the understanding of the void and partly how to deal with the Morph. It is the same, more or less, in its essence.

You can connect to the collective vibe and use your body energetics to transcend it.

The Stigmata in the palms can awake by itself and by doing that it tells you in a bodily manner that you are plugged into the ´healing fields’ in the ether, the collective consciousness, the Void or whatever you want to call it.

I’m not talking bleeding stigmata – it is very radical and often induced by religious hysteria. It is very hurtful to the people who get it, but there’s some truth in it still, since it’s mind over matter or maybe in this case: spirituality over matter.

The energetic Stigmata is more modest. Here is a way to feel the tickling buzz of energetic stigmata, which is: The Healing Vortex in the Healing Hands. Based on the understanding of the primary or the secondary chakras.

The primary chakras are much spoken of, so no need to go into those. The secondary is to me way more interesting. Some ancient scripts say we have 361. Some say more. Some say less.

I never had a scientific approach to them, so I couldn’t say; to me it has always been learning by doing/experiencing and so far I counted 111. Nice number, ei?

In the middle of the palm of your hands you have some very sensitive and magnetizing ones, and magnetized is what we´re looking for here. The collective Easter vibe helps fuel them. ( Metaphysical Stigmata )


Focus all your psychological energy / spiritual energy at the vortex point in the centers each palm. If that is difficult, before you do it, press them hard  into the center with your thumbs, really hard, so you still feel the impact of that pressure when you go silent. Then feel the buzz and expand it.

Most people will feel a warmer sensation in the center of their palms after the bodily sensation of the self-induced pressure has gone.

Even then it’s a bit tricky. Since it can be a psychological illusion. You can work on that by not wanting it too much. Just observe and filter out the Maya. ‘Maya’ is a Sanskrit word for illusion – not real – glamor. So: Self-deception. We don’t want that, but it will show up. Be patient with yourself.

Ruling this option out, your Vortex-Stigmata will start to spin. Some chakras spin counter clock wise, some of the secondary ones spin clockwise. Your attention or focusing will make them spin faster and it is not interesting if you’re practicing, which way they spin, since the logic of the brain will distort the focus you are trying to create. Leave that.

When something spins faster it generates heat and friction.

That heat and that friction are a door opener and a gatekeeper to: The Healing Frequencies that you can manifest.

Many people I taught this at seminars started to heal away headaches and minor aliments a couple of hours after discovering it.

I often get the question: “Can all people heal.” The answer to that is: Yes, but there is good healing and bad healing. Good healing comes out of the good heart. Bad healing comes out of the dark heart. So: It is all about intention.

If you experience heat and friction and the buzzing you have awakened the Healing Vortex point in the stigmata zone. There’s also the feet. But it’s a bit difficult to heal with ‘foot on’ – more convenient with ‘hands on’ healing or remote healing.

Think and feel of a person who you know is in a bad place when you have activated that Vortex and ship it through the ether. Soon you´ll get a synchronistic phone call, or a mail stating: I thought of you, from that person. So you’re poking them a bit with healing through the ether now. Cool.

No, you don’t need their permission, its innocent, just do it. There’s all too much fear of the healing touch going around, wonder why? Usually the info I’m giving here will cost you a fortune and you have to attend Master class 1- 117, to allow yourself to help folks in this world. Big money combined with Maya and spiritual elitism. That’s all that stands in your way…

The Tubes and The Pulsing Heart:

When you feel the Vortexes are up and running you can enhance it.

Here’s ‘How-to’:

There are a variety of techniques so I´ll take a basic and very powerful one I use a lot. Focus on the sensation of the Stigmata Vortex. Then, focus on your heart. Never, directly on your physical heart (you can make it stop), but in the middle of the chest. When you have that focus: Pretend, and the word pretend is carefully chosen, that you are breathing in and out of that spot.

Move your breathing from the nose or the mouth to the place you find is the natural vortex (primary chakra) in the middle of your chest next to your physical heart. Breathe in and out. And focus on three sensations now: Your Vortex in your palms and the Heart Vortex.

You might heat or buzz up in the Heart Vortex. Important: If that in any way feels uncomfortable, disengage and try it another day. Its nervousness and fear showing its face. Normally not to disengage from but you are very close to your physical pulse via the physical heart, so it makes no sense to continue.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you get this sensation and abort the exercise, your on a spiritual level removing some old clusters in you secondary chakras.

Spirituality is not pumping spiritual irons!
Spirituality can be slowly, slowly catching the monkey.

When you have that sensation of focusing on all three vortexes and you feel that you have the sensation of breathing though the chest vortex, you can focus on the Tubes.

Imagine (remember: Imagination comes before reality) that there’s a tube running inside your body from your chest vortex out to the Vortex’s in both your palms. One for each hand. Usually they are gold, silver or copper colored. Later they change and becomes multi-organic coloured. They morph in beautiful shades of blue and red and purple, silver and gold colours.

The next step is to target the breathing and control it a bit while staying in focus. This might require some practice. On the other hand, as you go it will feel quite natural.

Breathe in and hold your breath for 2 – 5 seconds. Then when you exhale, imagine that you are sending that air down both tubes and that the air goes into the Palm Vortexes and from here it goes out through them.

That will enhance the spin of the Stigmata Vortex. Air is : Prana or the God Force. Your heart is love and your hands are now radiating that.

It’s a powerful discovery.

When you need to inhale, you let go and start over. Find a rhythm where the controlled breathing doesn’t make you dizzy, or in lack of oxygen. You have to feel if not natural about it, but comfortable. If it makes you uncomfortable that is a very good sign of: No, I need time for this. Listen to that inner custodian.

If your hands get extremely warm, as in painful, which they actually can get, Ice them. Turn on the cold water and put your hands under it until they really freeze. That usually takes the heat down.

If you get sweet craving – listen to it and have a cake or some sweet treats.

The sweet craving often comes after the energetics have gone very high.

I use Dark Chocolate, since it also has a lot of cool effects generally on the body and mind.

On another note: I read a lot on the net about opening the pineal gland via magnets and such. Not my cup of tea, since it can ruin the balance in your system if you’re looking for the forced quick opening. (Trouble With The Pineal Gland)

Dark chocolate activates the pineal gland in harmony with the rest of your sacred energetics.

Happy Healing.

Happy Easter.

© 2015/21 Soren Dreier – Services


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