The Second Death of Jesus

October 27, 2021

Some Mystics, know that the torturing and killing of an enlightened soul, a human (Jesus) reaching His full potential (Christ); takes 2000 years for the trauma to leave the Collective Consciousness with all its ripple effects of good things and dark things impacting mankind, whether you’re a Christian or not.

When it rains, it doesn’t just rain on some people.
When the Sun shines, it casts its rays both on The Souls of The Light and The Souls of The Dark.

We are in the culminating vortex of that Metaphysical reality.

The world is walking the Via Dolorosa now, finishing what started with Jesus
Every soul carrying their personal and collective Cross, goodness being enhanced, darkness being enhanced,
for the Final release of that most gruesome event.

I can assure you:
The Powers That Be, the Ghoulish Agenda to crucify good people by enslaving them
The New Rome will meet its final destiny at the second manifestation  of Golgotha.

Transcend – Purify – Glorious – Holy – Holy

© 2021 Soren Dreier
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