The Silent Treatment

October 19, 2021

Have you ever been exposed to the silent treatment? You are not alone.

The silent treatment is the tool of cowards. They dare not say to you what the problem is, what they think you have done wrong or why on earth they would be offended by something you don’t know that you did to them.

They do it because they want to make you feel bad about yourself but they do not have the grace in them to confront you or tell you why you are targeted for this very special treatment. So, that leaves you with no option but to speculate on why you suddenly have fallen from grace.
The goal is also to have you second guessing yourself, if we do that, we let them take control over us.

It’s a very common practice among the so called spiritual warriors, which by undertaking this practice, show they were not warriors at all, they were weak little creatures now trying to place undefined guilt of something you have done, said, or whatever.

Do not fall for it. Confront them and ask them: Do we have a problem?

If they keep up the silence and ignore you – they expose themselves to such a degree that the friendship you seem to have lost here, wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Maybe they listened to too much gossip. It often is so, since the silent treatment often can manifest with you honestly not having a clue as to what the reason might be for breakdown in communications.

The fake warriors are as common as the false feminine and that couple are great lovers tangled up in a nasty affair.

Fake warriors because the hallmark of the warrior is Honesty.

Fake warriors because the hallmark of the warrior is: If you need to express your opinion, which in this case could involve another’s persons doing, you come out in the open and don’t Ninja stealth on the rooftops of houses unspoken of.

You basically come out where your adversary can see you. That is not even bravery, that’s decent behavior.
Hiding in the shadows pulling your strings isn’t warrior hood, it’s manipulation, hiding under the thick veil of illusiveness, mindless gossip, hints and accusations.

In this world, and in the shape of it, friendship within the ‘spiritual resistance’ is cherished, valuable and rare, and based on trust. When that trust is breached – we react. Strongly. Not because we get petty offended, since we are beyond offended on our own behalf and some people apparently get offended on others’ behalf.

“You did that to him, I do not like that, so now I feel its right to be co-offended, while I zip another cup of Aya, where I will understand that: Love is All (also the tuff love) and We are all One to get in touch with my authentic cosmic self all tripping the 5D realms.”

I mean: Teehee, no need for that, maybe just be emotionally honest in 3D. Dishonest 3D will spark dishonest 5D, since 3D is a stepping stone to that 5D realm, in this case on a very weak foundation.

I have dealt with so many this past year who have been exposed to that ‘spiritual’ silent treatment and mainstream New Age isn’t exactly promoting honest communication, but see it as low frequencies. If you are not a fan of expressing yourself in sticky New Age terms you might be labeled as blunt, aggressive. What a misconception.
The trick is that you do not use too many words to excuse yourself or explain yourself, but prefer a direct form of communication, which makes a snowflake person melt. Their insecurity is actually not your problem.

We are here to learn everything we can, especially from the people we interact with, and if we take away that learning, we only treat each other with Indifference, where we should be caring and empathetic.

Don’t give your power away in confusion, feeling bad about it, feeling left out in the cold, because maybe you didn’t sing to the popular tune, but have a phrasing of you own.

A special note in the choir of New Age greatest hits is what we are looking for, and your voice is an important one, and if you do not dare to use it from fear of getting thrown out of the radio station… well. If you do, consider that your medal of bravery and a milestone on the road to personal empowerment.

They think that you have gone rogue.

No, you gone: You.

There is confrontation and then there is confrontation.

The uninteresting confrontation is where you just seek to confront all the time. No good, it’s basically poorly contained aggression. On the other hand: Contained aggression needs an outlet, but try not to take it out on people, work it through your physical body. Join a boxing class, shout from the rooftops, go shout at a tree – they love that shit. They absorbed it and heal you while you do it.

Then there’s the interesting confrontation:

If you are about to give another person the silent treatment, maybe consider actually telling, communicating and thereby enlightening that person as to why you are about to shut the door on that friendship.

Of course, it will require you to stand up for yourself and say: Hey Bro/Sis – what’s up with you. I hear this and this, is it true? You see there’s a rumor flying around and I need to hear your side of it.

Or: Why in God´s name did you do that. Why did you say that?
Even better: Don’t listen to gossip. People who have a need for gossip, well……

Let’s sort it out.

The last suggestion here sparks responsibly. It sparks getting involved. Don’t be too lazy to go there.

It’s understandable if it’s hearsay – that we feel reluctant to get sucked into other people’s little dramas – but since you considered shutting the lid on a person anyway and put that person up for the silent treatment, you already are in the drama, and acting on it, with only fifty percent of the facts.

The spiritually honest ‘Silent Treatment’ is the ‘Shut Down’, which is interwoven in the Walk Away.


You have told this person to stay out of your life, your mailbox, text messages or whatever, because that person didn’t correspond with your values. If it is one of ‘The Sticky People, The Time Consumers’ they would probably be mighty offended, because they can’t prey on your field.

I have dealt with a lot of those and have been brutally honest: Listen, I do not want to have anything to do with you, please respect that. But they don’t, they keep poking and come knocking.

OK, then I had, or we have, to construct an exit within the point of no return. The door only opens one way and that is Out.

I usually do that when people ship me gossip about him or her. Not interested, in hints and accusations.

We are all fully capable of making our own impressions as to the person targeted if our paths should cross.

Some people aren’t. They clam up like oysters and leave you with speculations, and if you really had no bad standing with the person now posing as an Oyster in oxygen deprived shallow waters of whatever cultish mind-set they subscribe to while proclaiming themselves to be independent beings in the great war of awakening – you will see there’s absolutely nothing that you need to feel bad about, that you do not know you should feel bad about, because they haven’t got the courage and heart to tell you why you are not worthy of engaging with all of a sudden.

You are better than that, Pilgrim. Do not let spiritual emotional dishonesty get to you.

Walk away, don’t give a shit and remember who you are.

Some fires never burn.
Some fires are never meant to be put out, but people sure like to try.

©2021 Soren Dreier
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